• We should speak out

    What is freedom? It is the right to do anything, so long as it does not interfere with another persons freedom.
    Does racist art interfere with discriminated peoples freedom? Yes! History and science both have proved that posters, images, advertisements have a lasting effect on us, whether we like the art or not.
    Thus racist art impedes on the freedom of others. It gives young people with and undeveloped critical view a wrong opinion, and comforts criminals in their sadistic views.

  • Yes, we should speak out against racist art.

    Racism in any way is wrong and should be banned. It is deplorable and degrading. Any art that depicts racism should be boycotted and not be allowed in museums. America has come a long way, and I would hope we got past the time of making minorities feel like less of a person. I would not frequent a place that depicts racist art!

  • Yes we should speak out against racist art but still keep in mind in this country we expect freedom of speech and expression

    Yes we should speak out against racist art but still keep in mind in this country we expect freedom of speech and expression and to restrict this to only the ideas which we personally hold would not be in holding with the present idea of freedom of speech and expression. It does not make the ideas or opinions of the person creating the art any more right or wrong when they are expressed in a different media and will often help expose the artist for the person they really are.

  • We should speak out.

    Even though racist art falls under free speech, I think that we should still speak out against it. Racism is always wrong. I can not imagine that many people condone racist art, so by speaking out against it, perhaps this will lessen the amount of racist art that is made.

  • I say yes we speak out against art that is racist.

    I think that we should be free to speak out minds about racist art. With that being said, we also should not do anything to censor such art. The first amendment guarantees that everyone has a right to make such vile art, and we have just as much right to criticize it.

  • Yes We Should Speak Out But It Shouldn't Be Illegal

    Absolutely we must speak out. It shouldn't be banned because we can't trust the government with that sort of power. But when someone is advocating racism then we should speak out against that. I have said all that needs to be said here. I have said all that needs to be said here.

  • NO! The Suppression of Art is Suppression of Free Speech!

    No matter how crude art work is, we should allow artists to depict what they want. You as a citizen should have the ability to express your opinion about that artwork, but you should not censor something that "You Don't Like." Art work is expression and the suppression thereof should be viewed as an attack on free speech and free thought!

  • To take the spotlight off of racism will not make it go away.

    Part of the process to come to terms with unsavory truths is to look them in the eye until you see your own reflection. Art that is racially charged gives us the window in to which we can reflect on social ills and discover where we stand as individuals, where our peers stand and the world as a whole.

  • Art shouldn't be censored.

    I'm not a racist nor do I like racist art. I don't believe that art should be censored. It's up to the artist to decide what they want to create, and they should be free to create whatever they wish. No one is forcing you to look at racist art as offensive as it may be. I do hope that one day people will realize that we are all humans, and that superiority of race is an idiotic thing, but I do not believe that art should be censored.

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