• Yes, we should spend less money on the space program.

    It has been proven time and time again that anything the society at large finds beneficial they will put their time and treasure into pursuing.. Since the government has cut back funding for the space program there have been private funds that have succeeded to keep that dream alive. These private funds are more efficient and accomplish more in the space challenge than the inefficient government funds ever could. This is one area that needs to be funded privately.

  • Spend more at home.

    We should spend less money on the space program because it is not serving the majority of the needs we have on earth in our own country. The problems we have, such as poverty, wars, and weather disasters need much more funding than a space program does. We can still spend some on it, but we should be highly cautious.

  • Yes we should

    Yes, since here in the US we are getting really deep in debt, we need to cut a lot of money that goes to the space program, so that we can try to settle the debt that we have, or at least cut it down a little bit than it is.

  • Spend less on space program.

    I do believe that at the time that we are in with such finacial hardships in the united states i do believe that we should spend less on the program for space and spend the money or save the money to pay off the debt that our country owes. We shouldn't spend money on things that we cant afford if we are going to spend money anywhere it should be on the education of our children.

  • Yes, the US should spend less on NASA.

    Given the current state of the United States budget and the need to reduce expenditures NASA and the space program is an ideal place to reduce governmental spending. NASA is an area of government spending where budget cuts do not cause immediate pain. It's a hard choice but is an acceptable choice to balance the budget.

  • Space Exploration fuels technology and thus the future. We should double NASA's budget, not cut it.

    Human civilization thrives on challenge and stagnates when it is docile. EVERY SINGLE TIME we push a frontier, be it the Artic, The America's, The Moon, the world has changed for the better. How do you expect a planet with finite resources to survive the next 50 plus years if we do not expand our space-faring capabilities? Stop worrying about the budget and all this fiscal nonsense, half a penny of your tax dollar goes towards NASA, while the rest goes towards things like bank bailouts and war funding. The future awaits us, we need only to take the leap.

  • It's trivially easy to show that space pays for itself

    And I don't mean frivolous things like foods and household products as "spinoffs".
    When you realize the true scale of spending on space as a national program, the question becomes meaningless and it's obvious it's misdirected.
    Any slightest complaint about fiscal hardship, I demand you place where it belongs: huge military for endless war for corporate profits and political graft, and paying off corrupt banksters who ripped everyone off and then blackmailed the nation to pay them and let them get away with it.
    Tyson recently pointed out what's been obvious: The '08 TARP bailouts was a greater amount than the entire 50 year running history of NASA. Our present military/security industrial complex payments to the DoD for voted annual budget are about 80% per year, of that total running budget for NASA.
    People in the US spend more on each: Fast foods, illegal drugs, sports gambling, and lotteries than the nation spends on space.

    I'm willing to be that most people who'd vote "yes" here don't really know how much NASA gets as a fraction of the budget and compared to other things, or how much it returns.

  • Space does more for the layman then anything else

    This should end my argument The amount of return on investment for things based on space is much larger then anything else and that's with any pork in the programs. Also the budget for NASA is so small that even if we removed all of NASA it wouldn't even make a scratch.

  • No, it's going to hurt more than help

    Cutting NASA's 17 billion might sound like a lot but it amounts to 0.47% of total federal expenditures. For the 17billion you get 14 times your return on the investment. If you want to cut something try cutting 60 percent plus all federal spending leviathan known as the entitlements programs which have nothing to show for fifty years of work. Poverty has not decreased one percent since the early 1960's but the spending has skyrocketed. Sorry but you wont get the budget under control until you cut this area and stop cutting everything else.

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