Should we spend money on military reinforcements?

Asked by: REZWAN
  • Yes, its important.

    We need to keep us safe incise China or Russia decides to attack us I would sleep better knowing this. Also this is the reason that America is a super power. If we stop spending money on military reinforcements we would be one of the most vurnable countries in the world.

  • Yes, military spending is important.

    With all of the wars that we decide to partake in it is imperative that we continue to strengthen our reinforcements. We cannot afford to show weakness in our military prowess. With the decline of our economy our military has become our leading control on international affairs. This is why we should spend the money.

  • We could do with a little military fat trimming

    It is my believe that the military conflicts started under George W. Bush were simply put in place to sustain military defense contractors. The United States now spends more on its military than all other nations combined. It's time we cut back a little, stopped trying to be Team America, World Police and started focusing that money on improving our society instead of using it to point guns at all outsiders.

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