Should we stand against the schools and say "No more locker searches"?

  • No becaue .....

    People hide all kinds of things in therelockers like drugs ,condoms and more and it gives Students a chance to clean out there lockers and find papers that they still need to turn in and it keeps the school safe from people brining knives and guns so I think locker searches are a good thing

  • Yes, we should stand against the schools and say "No more locker searches".

    In my opinion the schools and school districts have over stepped their right to safety and security by having deliberately violated without evidence or cause the rights of students and their right to privacy. The schools have all the cards and all the power and the students need to be represented and defended.

  • You have no expectation of privacy with a school locker

    That should be made evident to you on day one. The locker is given to you for the year to keep your school stuff in. It sucks, but this is the way of things.

    Granted, I would still support the idea of a warrant for locker searches, vice students signing a thing saying they understand that their locker can be searched at any time.

  • Locker searches are a good idea...

    Like I read in the news about the Uk teacher that got killed by a student because the student brought a hand gun and shot him. I think if we have more locker searches, that incident wont spread out to other countries, and we wont have more deaths. Therefore we need to have more locker searches.

  • Locker Searches Keep Students and Faculty Safe

    Locker searches are necessarily to find contraband in schools. The majority of students do not bring illegal objects to school and I doubt would find it a problem. To keep drugs and weapons out of schools, locker searches are a good idea. The point is to keep the students and faculty safe.

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