Should we start a new political party based on helping families and the working class as well as supporting traditional values

  • The GOP sucks and democrats don't care

    For decades the establishment in both party's has sold out the American people to big business and China to line their pockets with cash they don't care about us all they care about is money they both have let the family structure in this country fall apart because they don't care our jobs have left and wages stagnated mothers forced into the work force against their will to bring in enough money to get by health care cost skyrocketed and who is gonna fix it? Trump? Well it looks like he might not be President anymore the gop? Ha they got us hear it wasn't only the democrats who? That's why I think we should start a families party I have drafted a potential platform for this new party

  • Political parties built on social ties

    A political party comprises a group of members, Dedicated to the service of the nation. It entails a wide array of duties and responsibilities, Starting from protecting the essential interests of different households and the entire working class. However, In contemporary times, We get an insight into how modern political parties, Are instrumental in manipulating the general public, , To further their own social, Economic and political agenda. . As a result, Several inequalities crop up which defeat the entire idea of a welfare state. Several workers are laid off, Due to problems of overproduction which lead to unemployment and ultimately give rise to an imperialistic approach. Such social problems, Gripping the entire labour force cripple the backbone of a nation. It is for the leaders, To decide, Analyse and put forth calibrated policies backed by vast political knowledge. As far as families are concerned, Different political groups should be working towards the welfare of each and every member of a family by organising programmes of family planning, Prevalent in third world countries, And which have yielded productive results.

  • It won't hurt anyone to try

    A party based around families does not sound like a bad idea. Supporting families is crucial to the survival of any nation, But the only true support that has been given to families in the past decade was doubling the child tax credit in Trump's tax plan. I find this lack of care for families in the U. S. Concerning considering the birth rates of other developed countries are so low and the U. S. Is not far behind them. Of course, The likelihood of any third party actually gaining traction in our political system is slim to none. In fact, I don't think any third party has ever won an election in the entire country's existence.

  • I was actually considering voting for john McAfee for this reason

    Unlike both political parties he actually knew the 4th amendment and would have most likely terminated NSA surveillance (and save us taxpayer money and protect our privacy rights) and he would try to help small businesses and help combat the big tech monopolies that are trying to censor everyone except for democrats. I'm sure he would have found a way to help working families.

  • This Would Conserve The Family Institution

    There is no point of having a public welfare system that defends the family institution. Divorces would be almost banned, Domestic abuse would be difficult to correctly report or combat against, And peoples' lives would largely be dictated by their families. And not everyone has a good, Emotionally supportive family. Some families are into drugs, Or excessive alcohol. Some are mentally abusive and cruel.

    Traditional Values would defend unreported domestic abuse. An economy that is for the "working class" is socialism. An economy that frees people from the family institution leads to communism. There is no point of being a socialist if you support the family institution and traditional values because false consciousness would still exist on a massive scale.

    Saying yes to this question is like saying that you are a socialist, But are against feminism, And support organized religion. There are socialists who are against communism (all communists are socialists, But not all socialists are communists). And there is no point of that, Just like how there is no point of having an economy for the working class such as socialism, While defending traditional values that support religion, Anti feminism, And the family institution.

  • It will change the balance of power

    Although the United States parties are far from perfect they both support different sides of the argument if a party comes along trying to say that wants to help everybody then it will turn out bad. There is nothing that can help everybody and besides what one person thinks is perfect another person thinks is imperfect therefore the current party system in the United States is a good one.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-11-08T14:13:52.603
We have that. Its called the Republican Party.

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