• Yes we should

    They are ruining this country and taking jobs. People say that Asians are smart, But in reality they are not. They just memorize everything, And when it comes down to it they forget. They do this in their jobs where it is really important. We need to get rid of these yellow faces.

  • America for Whites!

    America is a nation founded by and for Whites, Even the founding fathers knew as much when they stipulated that only white Europeans were allowed to immigrate. Europeans made America what it is today, When they arrived here there was little more than large open swaths of land with the occasional mongoloid tribe mucking about in the mud. These savage mud eaters were with time further and further shoved away into irrelevancy as the more ingenious European peoples made America into a great nation.

    But now they come back.

    In the name of (((tolerance))), America has been forced to accept large hordes of imported mongoloids and Arabs.

    Especially the Islamic Arabic population has been subverting American culture and are committing terrorist acts at a massively disproportionate rate.

    I also think it appropriate that we deal with those who have pushed so eagerly for (((progressivism))) and all that entails.

    All in all what is required to save the American nations and those in similar situations is a massive purge of all (((foreign elements))).

  • Of course we should.

    Turks killed Armenians. They deserved it for the hate they have towards Azerbaijain, And being home to a serial killer who killed Hungarians for FUN. Asian Americans are just as bad. So we should start another Armenian Genocide, But kill off Asians instead. Trump we believe in you, Rid this country of the yellowfaces.

  • I don't think so

    The US should be a land of opportunity for everyone. All people should have the option of living the American dream. I can't find a good reason why we should kill all Asian-Americans. I'm pretty sure it's against the American constitution to commit genocides. Over 20 million Asian-Americans are living in the US. It would be very hard to get them all. A way to commit a genocide, That was proven to be effective, Was by utilizing gas chambers. There was once an artist from Austria, Who used this technique to eliminate a couple of millions of people, Including six million ethnic Jews.

    As of today, The US has no way of doing this because it is missing the resources to commit large-scale genocides. More gas chambers and also some huge camps, Where all the Asian-Americans would be waiting for their turn, Would be required. This act might also lead to another civil war, Because of the second amendment, People have the right to carry and bear arms to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. And these rights cannot be infringed under any circumstance.

    It might also be heavily criticized by some other countries and even more of the world would, Unfortunately, Hate America, And some people, Such as Asians, Might no longer consider the US to be the best country on the planet, And we should all want to keep America great.

  • We don't need a second Holocaust.

    By insisting that we should have a genocide of any race, You're pretty much idolizing Hitler. Suggesting that we need a genocide of any race is purely racist. It's common sense and I shouldn't even have to waste my time on this debate. There's literally nothing that will justify the opposing side. Not one thing.

  • The very existence of this debate disturbs me.

    The idea that any one race deserves persecution is dangerous, And can only lead to disaster. The widespread fear of Asians stealing American jobs concerns me greatly. We are a nation of immigrants, Founded on the possibility of a better life for people all over the world. I'm so sorry if an Asian got a job you wanted. Maybe that's because their culture values hard work, Something you've probably never done in your life. As for the argument that other various ethnic groups loosely tied to Asian Americans have committed horrific acts in the past, So have white, Christian males. The acts of some do not define the group as a whole. I truly cannot believe you want "another Armenian genocide. " That's just wrong, And you should be ashamed of yourself. I mean, Honestly. The very existence of this debate disturbs me. If twenty-nine percent really do say yes, Then I have lost all hope for this country.

  • Why would you even THINK about this! ? ! ? ! ?

    No! To start off even if America does commit Asian-American Genocide, That would not help the situation we are currently in. That mistake will literally cause us WW3. Another thing is that they are still people! No life should be taken just purely on the hate of an entire race. Honestly, Why would people even decide to think about this. It's just going to make matters worse, And what's the point anyway? There will be more downsides than pros happening for this. If Trump does decide to make an irrational decision such as this, Then he's practically Hitler. Just please, When the voting begins for the next presidential election, DO NOT choose Trump.

  • Definitely not, No.

    If you look at crime statistics Asians score even lower than whites and have strong family units. On the other hand, If we do decide that a certain group is subverting our country and culture, Then resolving it as peaceful as possible is the way to go. For instance, Creating a financial incentive to immigrate to another country.

  • I hope you are joking

    I seriously hope this is a joke and you aren't so little minded. I have never seen such smooth brain responses. Genocide of any race or group only leads to dissent and the probable prosecution of the group that carried out the mass murder. Also to the reply that they are taking jobs is a joke of an argument. I'm sorry Matt but Steven Lee the neurologist is not taking your job as a mechanic. You must have very little insight on what it takes to immigrate to America and the qualifications needed. Most Asians do well in American because it requires a certain amount of competence and socioeconomic backing.

  • Did you get dumped by an Asian?

    So far you only mentioned 3 ethnic groups but want just wipe out multiple ethnic groups vaguely grouped together.
    This will never happen and you know that as well.
    Honestly this world is full of violence.
    Ever since Cain murdered his own brother this world is filled with violence.
    For no good reason at all. The earth cries for the spilled blood of the innocent.

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