• Yes we should

    They are ruining this country and taking jobs. People say that Asians are smart, But in reality they are not. They just memorize everything, And when it comes down to it they forget. They do this in their jobs where it is really important. We need to get rid of these yellow faces.

  • Of course we should.

    Turks killed Armenians. They deserved it for the hate they have towards Azerbaijain, And being home to a serial killer who killed Hungarians for FUN. Asian Americans are just as bad. So we should start another Armenian Genocide, But kill off Asians instead. Trump we believe in you, Rid this country of the yellowfaces.

  • Did you get dumped by an Asian?

    So far you only mentioned 3 ethnic groups but want just wipe out multiple ethnic groups vaguely grouped together.
    This will never happen and you know that as well.
    Honestly this world is full of violence.
    Ever since Cain murdered his own brother this world is filled with violence.
    For no good reason at all. The earth cries for the spilled blood of the innocent.

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