• We should drill in the Arctic refuge

    We should drill in the Arctic refuge as soon as possible. Its important that we as a country become independent of other foreign nations who have no interest in helping us. Drilling will not only bring revenue to our country, it will provide many jobs for people and will boost our economy overall.

  • It would be efficient.

    Yes, we should start drilling in the Arctic refuge, because that is a good way to drill for energy without interrupting a great deal of people or the environment. It is a largely isolated area without a great deal of animal life. It would be a good way to get energy without the controversy of off-shore drilling or fracking.

  • Let's Not And Say We Did

    We obviously just need to find new ways to develop energy. The planet is having some serious issues with the amount of people on this Earth, and all their extra curricular activity to make money. It is said once the arctic melts, then you can pretty much kiss our way of lifestyle good bye.

  • No, we need to stay completely out.

    We should not even consider drilling in the Arctic refuge. The Arctic refuge is a wildlife wilderness preserve managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As such, it should remain untouched. The entire preserve needs to be preserved for future generations. We should never be so desperate for oil that we are willing to destroy a wilderness preserve such as this one.

  • No, drilling should not start in the Artic refuge.

    No, drilling should not start in the Arctic refuge, because the Arctic is a fragile place and drilling is not a efficient or clean process. Once the oil begins to be touched in the Arctic, everyone company will come running and not care about the destruction left in their wake. It make no environmental sense to start drilling and at this point, doesn't make much financial sense either. The cost to drill in the Arctic would well over price anything they could produce.

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