Should we start imposing sanctions on the Pacific Ocean?

Asked by: UtherPenguin
  • The ocean is a threat to national security

    Did you know that 100% of people who drown to death in this ocean DIE! YEs, the Pacific ocean was what caused WW1. Because if the paccfic ocean never existed then people would have never existed and if people never existed then the British Empire would have never existed and if the British Empire never existed then THERE WOULD BE N0 ENGLISH!

  • Umm... What? How?

    Is there some underwater colony that's been developing its own society and developing an economy and a military?
    I'm not sure the Naga are real. Or have you been watching too much of H2?

    What would you sanction? How would you sanction it?
    This is a weird question, to be fair.

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