• Yes we should

    There needs to be funds for a real vaccine and to end the lockdowns so I say we should start taxing people’s breath and the tax will be low especially for lower class people. People can breath for 1 cents per breath but rich will pay 1 dollar per breath.

  • Absolutely yes for sure

    People think they can just breathe freely? HOW DARE THEM. I feel like if they can't afford to breathe then they could just get a loan but if they don't pay in a year then i guess they can't breathe. Breathing not necessary for survival but if you don't breathe you will die.

  • Best idea ever

    It is crazy but it will work. Believe me. I know everything about fiscal policy and this idea has been baking for a long time. We will start putting tackers into the mouths of people or use Alexa or Google Home products to listen to the breaths of the citizens. These technologies will track such breathing and then tax the citizen accordingly. This will pay for great things.

  • Nooooooooooo I will through your God damn tea in the ocean

    Now you you want to tax me for existing if I work I get Taxed if I buy somethin I get taxed If a get a inheritance I get taxed if I fill up my car I GET TAXED where I live we have a tax on none "edible food items" which is napkins bibs and straws and now I should be taxed for breathing? Hell to the f**k no

  • You’re trolling right?

    You’re obviously trolling and I’m not going to bother making an argument because the idea is just too dumb to begin with but hey you just want to troll and make a stupid post to give people a headache to refute something SO STUPID amiright? That’s right it’s just SO STUPID! How will that even work? It won’t!

  • Why you asked?

    This is the worst idea could ever be mentioned, Even in the pandemic situation where desperate measures are necessary. But this, Is too stupid even to talk about it. A law like this will be helpful only to divide people of the world that now have to be united against the virus.

  • Oh sure why not?

    Of all the ideas this has to be the worst i've ever heard. So, Everyone pays for each breath. First what about those that don't have any money? I hate to point this out but its kind of impossible to not breath (unless you suffocate them)? Also are we just taxing Oxygen (ie. O2 tax) or anything they breath in? Also, How would the amount you breath be measured? Would people have to "remember" how many breaths they made per day, Or would you just "trust" them to be honest? (uh. . . . . . . )
    That said there is one positive about this idea. . . . . Its a tax you really can't avoid! Well, You CAN; if you want to have your once in a lifetime appointment with the reaper. . . . . . . Im sure he will find room for you. . . . . . .

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michael-christian says2021-04-01T09:29:35.703
Is something just too stupid to be real
dfishw says2021-04-04T08:09:52.253
Careful. . . . . . . This might one day be introduced! Along with tax on water, Tax on going to the loo, Tax on sleep, Tax on being awake, Tax on walking etc. . . . .

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