• Well, yes we should

    I believe that if we start up the death penalty again it's a good idea. If you think about it, it should be eye for an eye. All the people who rape and murder young men/women go to prison with assault charges, but why only that? If they think a few years in jail will change the way they look at themselves, they are wrong. It's not fair for a person to murder 2 families, rape 3 kids, and beat 3 girls, and still get away with it, with just a jail sentence.

  • Yes we should

    If someone takes one life it only make sense to take his. I feel people have gotten to soft on criminals especially murderers sure they might change but I know if someone kills me i sure as hell wouldnt want him liven to 89 in some prison with healthcare. Done

  • Some people are not worth keeping around

    The people that commit horrible crimes without remorse really don't have any benefit to our society, and it is wasting precious tax dollars feeding them, keeping them healthy, keeping them contained, providing programs and entertainment for them, and so on.
    Plus, convicts are not allowed to commit suicide?! If they want to take their own life that is their choice and to many it is a much more "humane" punishment than being locked away the rest of your life.

  • I believe that death penalty should be given.

    In my views, people doing inhuman deed, or crimes, moreover should be given death penalty. A person doing a major crime and causing the society severe harm should be killed, in order to protect the society and its citizens from further harm. Human rights or right to life stand no where here.

  • Yes, we should.

    Personally, I think it is less harsh to just end the person rather than keeping them locked up for the rest of their lives. They don't accomplish anything and we pay tax dollars to keep them alive. If we know without any trace of doubt that the person committed a crime why keep him around in a prison where all he'll think of is how to escape?

  • I believe that nowadays when the level of grievous crime is raising considerably it is necessary to start up the death penalty

    Criminals committed a crime and don't get what they deserve. They raped and killed women and little boys and girls. These people who forever break the lives of innocents still become alive and continue to do it. They are put in jail, where they are fed by government while their victim is under the ground. Thereafter they leave prison and go on to do bad things again and again, because most part of jailers are never become a normal person. To protect our children from them we must establish the law about death penalty.

  • Capital punishment is barbaric and useless.

    (1) Pretty much every developed nation in the world but the US rid itself of the death penalty some time ago, because it is a barbaric remnant of primitive ages.
    (2) Capital punishment costs, on average, three TIMES what it costs to simply incarcerate the individual for life.
    (3) Capital punishment does not serve as any sort of deterrent. In fact, the states in the US with capital punishment have higher rates of violent crime than states without- and they have been INCREASING.

  • There would be too many issues.

    The death penalty was probably a good way to get people that were going to be in jail for the rest of their lives out of the world early. It was cruel and it was harsh, but people that planned on killing someone else might've considered sitting in the electric chair or dancing on the end of a rope. Sounds good? Not for today.

    The death penalty, as I said, was a much more effective way than sitting people in jail for all of their lives - using our tax dollars to live. The thing is, if we ever tried bringing back the death penalty, there would be problems in two groups of people: the executors and the public. The constitution clearly rules out cruel or unusual punishment - anything inhumane like the guillotine or chopping someone's head off with a rusty axe. The thing is, the executors could abuse this. Why though? It's just the simple matter of choosing between right and wrong and who we appoint to choose between right and wrong. Some people might find hanging fine; others might not.

    Then, the general public - even if they would never end up in the electric chair themselves - would riot. They would riot that it's wrong. They would riot that killing people is not the way to go. I can't say that I disagree with them (then again, I can't say that I agree with keeping a murderer around either).

    It's just something that is very, very controversial and has not worked out as well as we might think in the past. There is no human that can truly choose between right and wrong. We are endowed by our creator a sense of right and wrong, but only He can truly choose. I would never let anyone in Washington or city hall decide the fate of a man because they themselves are not completely innocent.

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