• I don’t think that we should still charge old people to ride the bus.

    I don’t think that we should still charge old people to ride
    the bus. After a certain age, it’s not
    safe for some senior citizens to drive.
    They tend to have bad eyesight and fall asleep at the wheel. We should allow them to ride the bus free in
    order to convince them not to drive.

  • I am writing a essay on it. This surprised me.

    This surprised me. More people say no free bus rides, I do though. I think is would be helpful for those in the community. If you were old and could not drive would you really want to pay a large bus fee?
    (: thanks to this web i would all the info i needed!

  • No we should not.

    They're important to us and they can be heavily reliant on buses and most of them can't drive. Plus, they deserve benefits. After a lifetime of paying into the system it should be there to take care of them and watch over them. In Beijing they let elderly get free bus rides and we should do the same.

  • I say YES

    I say YES because what if seniors need a bus for them to go to work. And we should still charge old people to ride the bu. And what else kids should ride the bus for FREE. For example the people who were yonger and older they get the weaker they can get

  • Yes, old people should be allowed to ride the bus free

    Seniors (old people) can't work as well as they used to when they were younger, since they're older, they are weaker. Since they are weaker, they can't do some of the jobs that younger people work. For example, most seniors cannot work a job as a construction worker because they're weaker.

  • Yes they should

    Why does the fact that you're old mean that you should travel for free. GB's in a state right now and they should pay for their service like most people do. If they go for free, kids should be allowed to go for free too. We'd all be happier. .

  • Elderly should receive discounted, but not completely free fares.

    While offering the elderly completely free bus transportation would be ideal, it may not be economically possible. Elderly in some areas often make up a large percentage of bus riders and if they were to ride at no price, it could threaten the finances of the bus company or transportation department. A preferable option is to offer the elderly discounts on bus fare. This allows elderly to save money while still offering some reasonable compensation to buses.

  • To not charge is discrimination.

    Yes, we should still charge old people to ride the bus, because it is discrimination to charge young people but not charge old people. Old people have limited finances, but young people are trying to raise a family and live on a budget. All people who use a service should contribute to its operation in some way.

  • No they souldnt be charged

    Old people cant work very well like they did before. Meaning once your older you can't do the jobs you used to do. I think it would help because the old also doesn't have much money since they have no jobs. It would be fair for them and us. For one i think its fair because when i ride any bus ( I use the DART in texas) i would see older people and i think they deserve the free ride.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Think about soldiers and veterans and pregnant people, they still have to ride no matter how quick they must get there, or what they did for the country. I simply disagree that the elderly should NOT have free bus rides because of age. So on, no one should have a free ride, only if they are represented as a high level government achiever or so as a citizen.

  • I think that you should not charge seniors to ride a city bus!!!!

    I think that people should not charge seniors to ride A city bus because when they get to be A senior that means that they retired there job so they do not have the money most of the time so they cant get the money to ride the bus and they might not have a car!!!

  • No, senior passes are a good idea.

    To be perfectly honest, any older person who has the means is probably not going to be riding the bus. Those who do so on a regular basis are those who could probably use a little help on their fixed incomes, so these people should not be charged for riding the bus.

  • I don't think so.

    I think that if the bus company doesn't want to allow the elderly to ride the bus for free, then the government could step in and give all elderly people a voucher to ride it for free. Elderly people can be heavily reliant on the bus in a bigger city and often don't have very much disposable income.

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