• Fear is important.

    I think we should always fear those who have attempted to hurt our country. Let's be smart and not let our guards down! Letting our guards down is what got us into this after the successful regime of Bill Clinton. We need to be vigilant against ALL terrorist groups and threats.

  • Yes we should.

    In my opinion you cannot trust anyone. This group of individuals have betrayed the United States in so many ways. In my opinion they are just waiting for the right time to attack our great nation. I do not believe that everyone in Al Qaeda is, bad, and yes everyone deserves second chances, however this group should not be trusted.

  • Yes Of course

    We should still fear them because it wasn't just one person who did this. There is still many many more members of the al-Qaeda out there, and they can attack us at any given time. What they did on September 11th changed our world. And we are still very different because of that tragedy today.

  • Why Fear Without Reason?

    I get it if theres actual evidence that Al Qaeda is the enemy, but there isn't. Think about it. Al Qaeda's home country is way weaker than America, and the terrorist attacks that everyone has heard of are just attempts to scare the US into not messing with them. They are so desperate because they are scared of us, and this is a warning to say "back off", when the US can easily bomb their entire country, and I'm not saying we should. Also, many of these terrorist attacks are fake and set up by the government just so they have a reason to start a war

  • NO

    We have been running them into the ground for ten years, so it's time that stop fearing them and quaking in our boots every single time that we hear about them. Their leader has been dead for a good while now, and it's time that we stop living in fear.

    If you live in fear, then you let the terrorists win. Besides, fear is no way to go about your life.

  • No, Fear Is No Way To Live

    There will always be bad people in the world and there will always be subversive groups or groups that use terror to try and make a point. The organization known as al Qaeda is not one that we should live in fear over. They are very much weakened through multiple wars and many failed attack attempts. They are not worth it.

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