• It costs less to Kill them

    Than it does to keep them alive. You just don't get the death penalty for anything. You have to have killed multiple people or committed a crime multiple times in order to get it. Besides, with the way they have it now the bastards don't even feel any pain when it happens. It's actually BETTER for them just to be killed rather than spend their life in a jail cell alone and going insane/killing themselves.

  • In the rare cases.

    I think the death penalty is still necessary and very rare cases, such as frequent child molester or child killer. Those people, in my view ,deserve to be put to death right away. However, gang bangers, drug dealers, people like that, I feel deserve to simply serve their time. Whatever that is.

  • Death Penalty Practical

    The death penalty is a practical solution for a major problem. Death row inmates sap state resources and spend their lives taken care of on the taxpayers' backs. With that in mind, the death penalty gets rid of the worst criminals in our nation, and they don't suck resources for decades.

  • Yes, in extreme cases.

    Yes, we should still use the death penalty, because it is a good way to get back at people who have done terrible things. With the death penalty, a victim's family can know that it is absolutely impossible for a person to offend ever again. The death penalty should be used sparingly, but it has its merits.

  • Yes it is a necessary evil

    The death penalty is a necessary evil in the world. It is the only way you are going to deter certain criminals from committing certain crimes. The death penalty should not be used too much but in circumstances where there is a large killing and no remorse the death penalty should be available.

  • We should only use the death penalty when it is justified.

    I believe that the death penalty is constitutional. I support it, but I think that it should only
    be used in rare cases. I don’t think
    that it should apply to any drug cases, regardless to the quantities of drugs
    involved. I think it should only apply
    to murderers and serial child molesters.

  • Deterrent factor for all criminals

    A human beings rights ceases to exists when he violates the other person's. We must understand firstly that these people who are even being considered for the death penalty ARE different from your other criminals. Due to acts that are SO grotesque and acts that endanger the public these criminals MUST face the action. When a government gives death penalty for certain crimes it is ENSURING that it acts as a deterrent factor to all potential rapists,murderers and serial killers. IF you argue that the law system must evolve, the simple argument is that WHEN THE ANIMALISTIC MINDSETS of these criminals have not changed, why should the law system evolve ?

  • It costs more to kill them than it does to keep them alive.

    Some people have been proved innocent after they had been killed.That means you can never be too sure whether someone is guilty or not. Imagine if it was someone from your family or yourself that was wrongly accused of something you never did?And now staring into the cold eyes of the executioners?Also it doesnt make any difference between a murderer and the executioners because both sides have killed.

  • I don't support the death penalty

    Why kill people who do sins. Every sin is great so what is the difference from them killing someone and you lowing or cheating or thinking of someone in lustful ways. You just giving them a shot to get to hell quicker. They can ask God for forgiveness and go to heaven by killing them your taking away time for them to ask forgiveness. If they die for murder then why don't y'all do something to the person who ejects the shot into the person and kills them. Think God will forgive everyone for there sins because Jesus Christ died on the cross for mine and your sins so that we can go to heaven. For God so loved the world that he have his only Begotten Son, and whosoever believth in him Shall now perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

  • We Should Not Use the Death Penalty

    No, we should not continue to use the death penalty. All human life is sacred and every human being has the inalienable right to life. As this right to life is inalienable, it cannot be taken away from a person no matter what heinous acts that person may happen to commit.

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