• Sex is normal

    I agree with this because sex is normal. Masturbation is normal. I think we should stop adding shame to sex and make it normalized, Not in the sense of having sex in public, But not pushing guilt onto sex. And with less shame, People will be safer, Especially teens. Many teens are shamed by society for having sex, But it's normal to do that, And this is the age when puberty starts taking effect. If we make it normal, Teens won't feel the need to hide away from their activities as much and will be more likely to better understand safe sex, Such as condoms, STI/STDs, Birth control, Pregnancy, Periods, Puberty in general, Etc. Overall, I think it shouldn't be shamed

  • It should be something that is taboo

    Sex is a touchy subject, And should be kept so, You see sex should be a taboo because we don't wat people to engage in such acts willy nilly and the best way to do so is to make them think of it as a taboo, Therefore it is the best way to make people to be responsible, Or at least help make them responsible.

  • Premarital sex should still be stigmatized.

    Sex should carry with it a connotation of love and meaning. The type of thing that should be reserved for someone you care for deeply. The sexual liberation has negatively influenced many parts of society. What feminists refer to as "rape culture", Unwanted pregnancies, Decreased sexual meaning for married couples, The spread of aids particularly in the gay community. Etc.

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