Should we stop being welcoming to undocumented immigrants?

  • We live in a changing world

    Our world changes almost every day. Technology becomes faster, smaller, and simpler to use. Why not teach kids how to program? It will be them that takes over the workforce someday, and computer programming will be an in-demand job. Kids should be exposed to the basics so they can tell for themselves if they enjoy it and want to pursue it.

  • Yes, a line must be drawn.

    Anyone with a heart can understand why people come to the United States in search of a better life. However, when people come illegally, it harms everyone - citizens and legal immigrants alike. Citizens find themselves supporting people who are here illegally, and legal immigrants can all too often find themselves facing prejudice and harassment from people who assume all those from their country of origin are here illegally. We need fair laws, enforced with compassion but firmness.

  • Yes, we should stop being welcoming.

    It is my belief that there is a legal immigration process available for a reason. If we are constantly welcoming undocumented immigrants into our county, we are sending a message of indifference to the ones who completed the process correctly. The American taxpayers are paying for these undocumented immigrants to live, eat, and go to school, while we are also paying for ourselves. They take up our SNAP benefits, and our state funded health care. When an American citizen is in need of these benefits they are unavailable, due to large amounts of funding going out to undocumented immigrants. This is an absolute outrage, and needs to be controlled.

  • They come here to find a better life but...

    The problem is there are too many. What is the point of having immigration laws and regulations if we can just turn a blind eye to these people that are here illegally. Deport them! And just because they have a child born here should not make the parents automatic citizens.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think we should stop being welcoming to undocumented immigrants. The first thing to remember is that they got here in the first place. This means that our border is weak and that is our own fault. Also, it is important to remember that these are people and they deserve to be treated well.

  • Should make it easier to adapt.

    People can be a resource, if given the opportunity they came here for. Maybe if the focus shifted from trying to stop them to trying to help them everyone could see that. The country was founded by people coming here illegally, the only ones who can claim to be true Americans are ill treated natives. Everyone has something to offer if given the chance, and none are of less worth. At least hold your judgement until they prove otherwise. Maybe one of them is the next (fill in person of choice).

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