Should we stop eating sausage as the WHO announced that it will bring us cancer?

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  • Moderation i guess

    It isnt the meat thats causing cancer, its the chemicals that are put into it so dont eat alot of it i guess. Living in the uae most of the meat we eat is halal not because we chose it its becsuse the majority eat it and we dont have any problems

  • Moderation is the key word here

    The WHO has a habit of labelling things as harmful in such a fashion that you would assume everyone eats a ton of meat a week whereas the normal person works moderation into their eating habits and/or personal life but I guess this is why we have free will so we may do as we wish

  • Moderation My Friend

    The known carcinogenic properties of sulphites and benzenes contained in processed meats and other foods and non food products are not new news. The FDA and food scientist have known about, and has produced literature on the topic for almost 2 decades. Just because a recent study has come out to confirm this, does not make it now true. As with anything, moderation is the key. If you eat bologna sandwiches (bologna a process meat with sulphites) twice a day all your life, the likely hood of developing cancer is higher than someone who doesn’t eat bologna at all. If you eat bacon, which has sulphites and benzenes, once a week your cancer risks are not measurable; eating it every day is another matter. Got it! Just don’t go hog wild on the processed foods. Eat your veggies and fruits. Splurge on the so called garbage at a minimum and you’ll be alright.

  • Being born causes cancer.

    We all know and have for years the nitrates, etc. in processed meats and the chemicals made in smoked meats have carcinogenic effects. How is this news? Now if they said water, as H2O, not what's in the water, causes cancer that would be scary.
    The sun causes cancer, our organic products have something like 75 chemicals in them just from air and soil pollution, medicines cause cancer... What else is left?

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