Should we stop glorifying football's inherent violence?

  • Utterly Neanderthal! Those Who Think for Themselves will Resist:

    Football highlights what our current society glorifies - violence, popularity, fitting-in, team spirit and never questioning a thing. Those who bothered to think about the sport are the ones who are aware of how insidious and damaging this sport is to our society. People should ask themselves - Why do I like football? Why don't I care if football players end up dying around 40 due to brain damage? Why is the thrill of the game worth more than someone's life and the violent message sent out to all our citizens?

  • Yes, football's violence is affecting the nation's attitude toward violence.

    Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, with the Super Bowl becoming a sort of national holiday. As a result of football's popularity, the violence inherent in the sport is particularly influential in affecting the nation's attitude toward violence as a whole. By stopping the glorification of violence in football, we can have a positive effect on the public opinion and sensitivity about violence in general.

  • Yes, We Should

    Football players are not gladiators. To glorify the violence and injury associated with the sport cheapens the players and the effort they exert on the football field. The dangers of repeated blows to the head are finally receiving the media attention that they deserve. We need to protect the players first and foremost.

  • Yes, we should stop glorifying football's inherent violence.

    Football, as played in America by the NFL is a brutal and violent game. With today's enhanced audio systems, the sounds of a football game are comparable to those of a battle. Grown men have been seen flinching at some of the hits and the resulting crunching and cracking sounds. We have to ask ourselves what kind of message we are sending to our boys and young men!

  • No We Should Not

    We should not stop glorifying the violence in football. It is a big part of the sport and people should not have a problem with it being celebrated or glorified. A big hit in football is something to cheer about. It is part of the game and naysayers need to just accept it.

  • No it is a part of the sport

    Football is a great sport when you kick the ball in the back of the net everyone goes mad so why would we want that to end! By the way it is called FOOTBALL not SOCCER you American morons, football is a British name for a British sport which has cooler football hooligans. SO STICK TO YOUR 'AMERICAN RUGBY' (EGG CHASERS) or debate about the real football

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