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  • Schooling More Efficient In 4 Days

    Changing typical school weeks into 4 days would be a great way to approve efficiency. The lost day could easily be made up by extending the other 4 days of the week to make up the hours lost, essentially having the same amount of time in less days. This would allow to save money on food and electricity in the building and give children more time at home.

  • We should should keep having class on friday

    If friday is removed then that would mean 8 hours would spread across the other day meaning school hours would be extended 2 hours so for example i'd be in school from 7:30 to 5:35. Plus if school days lasted that long jobs would be harder to keep responsibilities at home would be harder to take care of and i'd have less time to enjoy myself.

  • No,we should continue having classes on Fridays.

    There are several good reasons why we should continue having classes on Fridays.If students have a three day weekend they may begin to forget what they learned throughout the week.This would also keep jobs for people that may otherwise lose them if their week was shortened to a four day duration.

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