Should we stop Islamic immigration in Europe and the USA?

  • Look at Germany

    When given the statement 'following the tenets of my religion is more important to me than the laws of the land in which I live' in a survey, 47% of respondents agreed. This view is held by 57% of 1st generation Turks and 36% of 2nd and 3rd generation Turks.

  • A cultural conflict would become unavoidable

    Western culture's foundations are freedom, Equality and mutual respect; these 3 things which we have fought countless years of wars to obtain simply cannot live together with the muslim values of fear and submission. While I am the first to think that not all muslims are extremists, This does not mean that the "peaceful" ones (a. K. A. Muslims that don't want to kill you) fit into any functional western society. In fact, Most muslims countries, Even the ones that are not afflicted by constant war (which is pretty rare actually), Have a very "medieval" law system and give close-to-zero rights to its citizen, Oppress women, Practice torture and executions daily (especially when it comes to homophobia).
    One could argue that muslim and western culture could coexist peacefully, But that would only happen if they were to never interact with each other, And as we now that is impossible.
    For reference, Look at the "peaceful and moderate" muslims of the UK and France (countries in which the muslims population is growing bigger by the year, Soon Germany will suffer the same faith I believe). They are eager to introduce sharia law (torture, Women becoming property, Death sentences) by crying that it's "their culture/tradition", They have 0 respect for western culture.
    They may not want to kill us, But most of them despise us, They do NOT want to convert to the most civilized western way of life, And if they are this 'powerful' with a 5-10% population, I fear the day when Europe becomes 50% muslim (and by the way the population growth rates are going, It won't be long).

  • It destroys the Western culture

    Muslims and Barbaric Arabs that come from the middle east and/or the east are destroying America and Europe in every way. They bomb us. They bring their ISLAM culture and force it onto other people that are not Muslims. I have seen this with my own eyes and I am not shocked at all. On facebook, A female from my old middle school kept sharing Sharia law quotes saying Allah is best believe him or you go to hell. Also, Muslims degenerate society by bringing their barbaric values to us. Back then in the 1000s-1300s an estimate of the war. The holy war was Christians vs Muslims in Europe but what happened now? Muslims in Europe are vandalizing and wanting to invade the entire Europe. These people are demons. They want to take over our culture. They are not here to adapt the culture, They are here to spread their disguisting and dangerous ideology just like Hitler and the KKK. They have no use for both of these continents. They don't bring prosperity to us. Instead they bring destruction and chaos. They hide their faces behind their hijabs and the long black robes. This is not the midieval times or the 1800s. These Muslims need to learn that this is the modern world not the world that they are so accustomed to. By the way, Muhammad had sex slaves and imprisoned his enemies. The religion itself is evil and should be illegal in the USA, Russia, Europe, And China.

  • Should be banned

    Why? Well because the people who follow the religion are NOT peaceful. You may claim the Islam itself is peaceful, But a lot of the followers are not. It's a fact that Muslim people in western Europe commit more crimes on average than other people. It's a fact that since Muslim immigration increase, So has the crime rate (by a lot).

  • This is a tough one

    I'm going to qualify this, People who wish to leave the relgion or athests like hirsi ali should be alowed to live here, As they are refugess from persecution. This is in no way racial all races should be welcome here and all other relgions too, Islam is NOT a relgion any more than communism was merely another political party, Islam is a cancer a threat to the world, When we were fighting the nazis and the commies we did not invite them to dinner for politie conversation. . We killed them

  • It's a radical religion

    Just for supporting an immigration ban does not mean someone thinks all muslims are terrorists. Most people who identify as muslim are just normal people, However these 'good' muslims are either pretending to be muslim or just ignoring half the things that Allah calls for, They act as if radical jihadists are just misinterpreting the Quran when really it is the good non-terrorist muslims who misinterpret it.

    The Quran is said to be the direct, Absolute word of God so any attempt at interpreting or translating his message isn't really Allah's word its just someone's opinion on it. Which is in fact the reason Allah came to speak to Muhammed, It is because after Abraham, Moses and Jesus' messages were interpreted by the public they got everything wrong in Allah's view.

    The fact of the matter is that Jihadist's are doing what Allah wants, They are following his direct command and anyone who thinks otherwise is either ignorant or just kidding themselves

    Quotes from the Quran that prove Islam is a radical religion
    - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them (8:12)
    - "Those who disbelieve follow falsehood, While those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. . . So, When you meet (fighting Jihad in Allah's Cause), Those who disbelieve smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them (47: 3-4)

    There is even a quote where Allah says that the so called 'good' muslims who aren't murdering in Allah's name are not equal with the terrorists
    - Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), Except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, Etc. ), And those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), But Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, Above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward (4:95)

  • You can't merely accuse people of "xenophobia" and "hate fueled myths". These people do not respect western culture. This is what the polls say.

    You can't merely accuse people of "xenophobia" and "hate fueled myths". These people do not respect western culture. This is what the polls say. We need to be much more strict on muslims trying to enter Europe, Preferably something similair to someone applying for citizenship in the USA. I don't think islamic immigration is really an issue in the US compared to Europe. American muslims are more moderate.

  • Should be banned.

    I will rather answer stastically.
    There was a rise in Islamic terrorist activity in Europe after 2014. [1][2][3] The years 2014–16 saw more people killed by Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe than all previous years combined, And the highest rate of attack plots per year. [4] Most of this terrorist activity was inspired by Islamic State, [4][5] and many European states have had some involvement in the military intervention against it. A small number of plots involved people who entered or re-entered Europe as asylum seekers during the European migrant crisis, And some attackers had returned to Europe after fighting in the Syrian Civil War. The Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting in May 2014 was the first attack in Europe by a returnee from the Syrian war.
    It may go on and on and on.
    There is another example who has not allowed Islamic immigration Poland, There is no such thing as terrorism.
    Just see the difference between countries who have allowed like Britain and France and who hasn't like Denmark, Poland etc.

  • So we either Christianize them or let them Islamize us

    All of the Christian countries of the world should truly attempt to Christianize the Muslims currently living in their lands and Christian countries should also truly attempt to Christianize a predominantly non-christian country's non-Christian religious and ethnic minorities and in areas where the ethnic and/or religious majority from an ethnic and/or religious minority of the population.

  • No muslim allowed

    Muslims are the cause of most places going bad and that is why we must stop them from entering countires and we must execute all of them. They only do stupid things and cost governments too much money and this wastes tax payers money on things that would be useful

  • Please turn to scholarship rather than jumping to hate-fueled myths

    There are 3. 45 million Muslims living in America. If Muslims were barbaric, Socially backward, Bomb-totting, Warlords then the nation would be a smoldering heap by now. In fact, By historical death count alone, Christians are more violent than Muslims, But Christianity is the reason why we have "In God We Trust" printed on our coins.

    Actual Muslims—and this is a large population—do not approve of the conduct by these pseudo-Muslims who kill and terrorize anymore than good Christians approve of those idiots in the Crusades. Thou shalt not kill, My ass. Though for the record, Both instances of warring were politically motivated, Not religiously motivated, Excluding the grunts who believed that their war was religiously motivated despite their religious texts directly discouraging warfare for such inane reasons. Either way, Actual Muslims actively condemn and struggle to educate the populace about what Islam is actually about. I recommend you actually involve yourself in scholarship rather than basing your arguments or stance on myths fueled by fear.

  • Islam is peaceful

    Greetings. I stand for no, We should not stop Islamic immigration. My reasons are, That most people are racist to Muslims due to fact terrorists destroyed the Twin towers in New York (9/11/2001). Most Muslims (and I met a lot of them) are not like the crazy Christians. Just because twenty DIFFERENT Muslims causes ataacks, Should we kill all of them

  • People voting yes are mere hypocrites.

    Why shouldn't Muslims be allowed to enter the West? It is hypocritical to see that the reasons the people who voted "yes" have given are the SAME reasons and acts that the west has done across middle east and other parts of the world, Which has cause such immigration to begin with. The same people who claim to be champions of freedom are now. The amount of destruction throughout the world including world war 1 and world war 2 caused by non Islamic countries is far more devastating. Millions killed across middle east and other parts of the world and Muslims are the problem? Half a million killed across Iraq and Afghanistan and counting?

    I highly suggest people voting yes, To let go of their bias, And do some research.

    Posted by: akk
  • Too general a resolution

    Although I see some merit in both arguments for and against Islamic immigration in Europe and the USA, I believe the term "stop" implies a sort of absoluteness that is hard to justify.

    There is no doubt that historically, Muslims have held beliefs that are not acceptable in Europe and the US today. Yet in these same nations there have been movements to better integrate Islam into these societies, In such as the modern reinterpreting the Quran.

    At the same time, It is also important to acknowledge past faults, In order to ensure we do not repeat them, And to take into account the historical context in order for us to appropriately evaluate this issue as a whole.

    As government, I believe we should not let the actions of an extremist minority sway our decision towards taking away rights from the majority.

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  • What the heck?

    In the words of someone above, Banning Muslims because of ISIS is like banning Protestants because of the KKK. I don't think that we should ban the world's second-largest religion because Osama bin Laden drove a plane into the twin towers. If that's your logic, Let's get rid of all religions. If a religion has blood on its hands, Should we ban it? If that's so, Should we ban every religion except Jainism? I'm guessing no. So, All in all, WHAT THE HECK?

  • Islamic immigration should be allowed

    I am a Muslim woman who was born in Canada. I can tell you the majority are peaceful Muslims. We do not want to hurt or kill anyone. The people who do this are not true Muslims. The Quran says "there is no compulsion in religion". I condemn so called Muslims who go around killing people who are not Muslim

  • If you believe Islam is a hateful religion,

    You need to educate yourself. It's like reading a book or watching a movie. You can't establish your own opinion based off other people's opinions. You have to read the book or watch the movie and find out for yourself and base your opinion based on the facts. Islam is no where near hateful its purely all human action it is not the religion. Try reading the Quran and find out for yourself. And another obvious fact, Majority basically all of the immigrants coming from the middle east are the people trying to run away from those people that are causing the terror.

  • No you should not

    I cannot actually believe that this debate has so many ignorant people in favour of banning Muslim immigration. As a person who has studied Religious conflicts, Islam, And terrorism I can quite frankly say that Islam is not the issue. Islam, Despite many of your islamophobic beliefs, Is NOT inherently violent. It is absolutley as peaceful as Judaism or Christianity. Look at the Old Testament where god smote people left right and centre, Not very peaceful is it? Claiming that Islam is violent because of a select few radicals is ridiculous. Are all white people violent and terrorists because the KKK were? No. So why should the same concept apply to Muslims? There are PLENTY of Muslims who are some of the kindest, Most generous, And humble people on earth. Look at Malala Yousafzai, She is a Muslim but has won the Nobel PEACE prize. It is disgusting, Racist, And xenophobic to want to stop Muslim immigration. They bring new cultures which enrich communities and are simply just humans like everyone else on this planet.

  • Religious angle.

    Look at it as a mere immigration. Giving it a Muslim angle is complete wrong. Our ethics don't teach us to discriminate on the basis of religion. What if they were Christian, Would you allow them to enter. It is the America who raged the war in Iraq at the first place for its greedy reason. Now the consequences have to be dealt by them also. What is the mistake of the innocent child who wants a life. Nobody wants to leave their home but the war made them leave. As a human being it is our responsibility to help them and give them shelter. They are hardworking people who have no connection to terrorism.

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