Should we stop mass hating on pedophiles so the non offending ones can come out and get the help they need?

Asked by: pillows
  • It's important for many reasons

    Pedophiles are people too they can't control how they where born. We must remember these are people who are in great suffering and at risk of causing great suffering to others. Shunning and ostracizing pedophiles won't do any good. IT'S PART OF THE PROBLEM! If someone shuns and ostracizes pedophiles the are partially responsible for child rape. People where stupid like this about gay people (though it's different because with gay people it's not rape) 100 years ago (and still today). I dream of a world that is more enlightened.

  • They can't control it

    Being attracted to children (as an adult if you are a child then its totally normal) is a mental illness, And like every mental illness, It needs to be treated professionally. However people could lose their entire jobs, And even go to jail if they say they have this illness even if they never had or never planned to sexually abuse a child.

  • We should just stop the hate period.

    Some people just don't think of sexual conduct as immoral. Intercourse is not the only form of sexual gratification, And really sexual pleasure harms no one. Hating people for having different views on sexuality, Sexual pleasure, And life is evil. So you think it is immoral to enjoy sexual pleasure at a young age, Some people don't. Are they evil? No, They just offend you with their belief that sexual pleasure is harmless.

  • Definitely yes 100%

    The only way you're going to nip the problem of chomos in the bud is to prevent it before it even happens, For those who are attracted to children and ashamed of it to reach out and seek help. Anyone who molests a kid or watches CP should be doused in gasoline and lit on fire, However.

  • Not at all

    Back then if someone was a pedophile the only help they got was people lining up with baseball bats and beating the guys skulls out. You can’t just convert them out of pedophilia or just have some guy rehabilitate them because they’re just complete disgusting f4cks! If it was so easy to just convert people out of it then we would have done gay to straight conversion therapy a long time ago! There is no help for these people

  • No, Public shaming or approval is a powerful tool

    Clearly these are powerful tools that help to guide people away from unwanted and even dangerous acts against the rest of us. There is no one out there that would argue that humiliation doesnt have an impact in peoples behaviors. They may disagree with the result, But it is still very much effective.

    Were the reins to be pulled in on people and they had to be further castrated linguistically in how they could address someone who does that to children. . . As we had been with homosexuality and all the now infinite variations of it (pedophilia included). . . We would be telegraphing a nod of approval to these guys more than we would be communicating it as a problem needing medical attention. The same has been seen of drug use in every place it has been legalized.

    Now im not usually one to call for the government to restrict anything. . . But if you go so far as to take away even people's individual ability and natural recourse against someone for something like this having happened to their children. . . That goes too far. There needs to be something. If you already aren't going to punish these guys accordingly. . . You can't go and tell the family you are putting the guy up in a 5* luxury treatment facility so he can spend a month or so sharing his experience with his prey over a coffee with his peers, Then throw him back out into the general population.

    It cannot and will not be acceptable while I live. If you want to be worried about the people you don't want to have to put to death for your social experiment to work. . . Look at all the people youll have to deal with when you start taking away proper legal recourse for such things. Youre not just giving them the nod. . . Youre giving me the nod that you won't punish me either. . .

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