Should we stop medicine to avoid an overpopulation?

Asked by: TheVeganDebatist
  • This is a good idea!!!

    It gives us a way to conserve resources for a longer rule of the human race. If all the bad guys die of disease, we can be happier. I think we should stop medicine all together so that people can control our own populations. SAY NO TO THE EARTHS OVERPOPULATION!!!!!

  • The key is birth control.

    The key to controlling the global population boom is restricting the amount of new people being born. This is the only true humane way to lower population while still caring for those who have an active conscious. The population cannot grow forever unchecked, eventually it will lead to a forced sterilization of the female after child birth, either with limits to one or two depending if population should stagnate or rapidly decrease.

    Posted by: pH-7

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