• We should stop poaching

    We need to stop poaching. If we don’t animals could go extinct. We have been trying to stop poaching for a long time. But poachers are sneaky and we can’t stop them all. Pouches just make money on it’s a living for some people. Even though it is illegal to trade still continues. All these animals are killed illegally just for ivory found in their horns in tasks. So many animals are endangered and soon the most will be extinct. We need to stop poaching.

  • We should stop poaching

    It is wrong to take animals out of season and just for so-called bragging rights. It is not a sport to get game illegally. To many people take game and hang it on their walls just to say they short it They make it look like a brave heroic deed,when it is just a cowardly effort to shoot game without a proper hunt

  • We need to stop pouching or we face the losses!

    People are out there pouching poor animals and what do we do we do? NOTHING! That’s what! NOTHING! If you think for one second that fishing is pouching it is not I rapeat NOT pouching! Look people are out there taking animals lives. How can people say that it doesn’t mater? I will not stand for it. Lots of animals are at the edge of extinction! We need to stop pouching or we face the losses!

  • I say yes

    Many animals are dying because of poaching. By the 2050, we will not have any lions, elephants, rhinos, and many other animals that are popular for poachers. It is a stupid concept and I think that we should stop poaching immediately because too many animals are dying and it is just an awful thing in general.

  • Maybe, we should at least cut down on doing it.

    Pouching is bad, but we get things out of doing it, I believe that we just need to dial it back, but not bring it to a full halt. We all love these animals, but they do provide us with many things, that's what mother nature intended, right? We don't want these beautiful creatures to go extinct like many others, so these poachers should just dial it back a lot so we don't lose these animals that mean so much to so many people. Thank you for reading this and comment what you think bellow.

  • We should stop pouching

    Do you like animals? Well because of pouching animals are becoming endangered and is some cases extinct. Without animals the world would be silent! There are so many animals that we don’t have anymore. For those of you who enjoy hunting imagin if we hunted all the animals there would be no animals left to hunt! Let’s protect the animals on earth after all they are still beings.

  • Regulate pouching but don't stop it completely.

    In 1901-1909, Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United States. He became fond of a particular deer population in the US, and enacted several laws to protect the deer population there, including banning hunting of the deer. The deer population went up for a while, but because there was no one hunting the deer, the deer population got too high, and the deer didn't have enough food to feed all of them, so many of the deer died, and the population dropped to a lower number than it had been before Roosevelt banned hunting. Once Roosevelt allowed hunting to continue there, the deer population rose again until it went back to the level it had been at originally, and has since stayed steady. We shouldn't allow people to go and hunt limitless amounts of whatever they want just for the sport or the money, but we should allow a moderate amount of hunting to take place.

  • Its called poaching not pouching

    We can just pouch everything if we want to but poaching is actually bad mmmmmk b b b b b b b b b b b bb b b b b bb b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b bb b b

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