• Avaiation fuel should be taxed

    Aviation fuel should be taxed because of the size of the companies that use planes. Very few "small businesses" have access to personal planes, therefore would not need aviation fuel. The price for aviation fuel is just a drop in the bucket for these large companies that use personal planes and jets. Air craft are huge polluters of the atmosphere and should be taxed because of this. The easiest way to put a quantitative number on the damage aircraft does to the environment is to tax aviation fuel. If average commuters need to pay for the fuel for their car, large airlines and mega companies can afford the aviation fuel tax.

  • It raises costs.

    Yes, we should stop taxing aviation fuel, because aviation fuel taxes make it much more expensive to fly. People would be shocked to know how much of their plane ticket is taxes. If taxes were lowered, more people would be able to travel to see their families, and it would cost less to do business.

  • Aviation Fuel Should Continue to be Taxed

    No, aviation fuel should not be discontinued from taxation. As with all sorts of fuel, it should remain taxed in order to generate revenue for the Federal Government. This revenue is put to use for a myriad of governmental programs. To discontinue the taxation of aviation fuel would be to rob these programs of funding.

  • They get enough of our money, let's get some back.

    No, we should not stop taxing aviation fuel. Did you know that aviation is one of the most heavily subsidized civilian transportation categories in the United States? People complain about Amtrak's funding, but they don't even get a tenth of what aviation does. By taxing aviation fuel, we can hopefully recoup some of the money we spend there.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe we should stop taxing aviation fuel. I believe airlines and those that own airplanes should continue to pay these taxes as they have been for several years, decades. The price of all fuel is going up and I don't think we should give tax breaks just because of this.

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