Should we stop thinking about different races and group them all as one?

  • We are all people

    Black, white, yellow, red, we are all people...all humans. This divisiveness as regards race is absolute nonsense. Americans have become so divided because the politicians prefer it that way. We citizens represent specific voting blocs to them, and they pander to specific groups. We, as Americans, are better than that, and we need to stop letting the politicians tell us they know better.

  • Yes, we should

    The reason we should do this is because race is nothing but a social construct that has caused nothing but problems in the past, and causes problems to this day. Race is not genetic. There is only one race, as proved by science. If you want to keep harping on it, feel free, but it's fool-hardy.

  • Yes We Should

    I believe in the future humanity will have mixed to the point that we won't be able to tell the difference between each other and that will be a great thing for humanity. Until we reach that point we should continue to try and remind ourselves that we are really just one global race with variations.

  • No, I think having each race as separate is a positive thing.

    No, races should not be grouped together when they are not alike. You can group races and call them humans. Keeping the races split as individuals helps keep the integrity of the race. I also do not think many races would be happy to be considered the same with other races they do not get along with.

  • No, races should not be grouped as one.

    I do not think that grouping all different races will change anything. I think people do not have issues and problems with races because of classification. I think the problems and issues are due to a lack of understanding. I think all races should make an effort to stop thinking as different though.

  • No other animals does that, so why should we?

    Can't we just agree that we are all the same,
    in that we all are different.
    Stop forcing people to live together with etch other, when you see it doesn't work.

    Take the aboriginals for example, The British destroyed their country.
    And now they are forcing them to live alongside them after all their tens of thousands of years in isolation.

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