Should we stop using the bible or "God says" as a basis for an argument?

Asked by: TexiltVaniva
  • Yes, in certain circumstances.

    As an atheist, I hate when people use God to rationalize their thinking, especially when they talk about something having to do with legality. There is separation of church and state for a reason, so we can't just make things illegal because the Bible says it's a sin (homosexual marriage, abortions). Unfortunately many people consider the Bible to be a great basis for determining law and swap it with the Constitution. Using God to back up arguments should be solely for when arguing morals with other believers of God.

    Usually I use the Bible against people using God as an argument. If they try to say something is a sin, I just bring up other sins that everyone ignores but are serious enough to be punishable by death (divorce, wearing two different fabrics, eating shellfish, cross-breed animals, haircuts, WINE IN CHURCH...)

  • It depends on the argument

    If it is a logical or analytical argument, I believe you shouldn't. The only time you should go using the bible is when you're trying to persuade people to like your argument better like politicians before elections. If it is about personality or relationships, I think it would be fine. In those situations, you can even bring up fairy tales if you want and reference The Boy Who Cried Wolf for instance.

  • Omg yes ikr

    Totally agree with TexiltVaniva. A lot of super religious christians do this.. It is extremely annoying. If they use morals to support their argument then I will actually respect what they are trying to say, but if they keep referring to the bible or what god said... It just means nothing to me.

  • Leave God out of it

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use religion as a moral justification. Every time I hear someone use the Bible as a basis for a given belief or action, I think to myself, "Give me a break!". The Bible was written by people, not God. If God expects people to accept and follow holy scripture without question, He's oppressive.

  • Just plain ignorant

    I'm tired of hearing on debates such as Gay Marriage and Abortion, etc "Oh god doesn't agree with it,", "The bible doesn't support it", "God hate fags", "You go to hell if your gay". Laws should not be made to favor religion and the bible is NOT our constitution. Also, there is no proof for god either.

  • Yes, if it is a genuine argument.

    It is very easy to just spout out "God says X is wrong/right" and then immediately ignore every other argument with the basis that "Well God said it, so it's obviously correct." This doesn't help to sway others to your side and just makes you look like a drone who heard and repeated some opinion from TV or church, and to everyone else in the world who doesn't follow your particular religion or line of thought, you don't actually contribute anything to the discussion. I have seen countless "Should gay people be allowed X" discussions where the only actual disagreement is "God says gay people are bad, and I don't like them, it's gross" or something along that line. We all understand that some people don't like some things, but when all you do is say "God says X" the only thing you accomplish is gaining the admiration of people you already had the admiration of, everyone else just ignores it because it's been said so many times before, or because it has no real bearing on the discussion.

  • Religion is still important

    All I have to say is that I believe that it is unfair to be expected to go against what my religion believes just so I can please everyone else. I don't judge you based on your beliefs and religions, why should I be judged based on mine? I feel that I should be allowed to say "I'm sorry but I just do not agree with ____ because it is against the religion that I am personally." that is how I feel, it is my opinion, and it is my right to believe what I want. If you don't believe what I believe, kudos to you for not letting politics, economics, etc. change your religious belief. :)

  • The Bible and logic should work together.

    Everyone needs to have a starting point for their beliefs. It is impossible to build a house without a foundation. For many Christians, the Bible is that foundation.

    If atheists are sick of hearing about the Bible and Christian beliefs, Christian are equally tired of hearing evolution plastered all over the news and have people jump on them and consider them stupid, if they express their own beliefs.

    Christians are as entitled to use their own Bible and beliefs as anyone else. A Christian builds everything around their belief system, so it would be natural for them to use it to defend their convictions. There is nothing wrong with exercising one's freedom of speech.

    Sure, the Bible shouldn't be a cop out. The Bible itself says that Christians should "always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ will be ashamed of their slander." (I Peter)

    This tells me that Christians should use the Bible as their starting point, then use logic to back it up, but be respectful to the other person.

    I will use a hot topic as an example. I will do this to the best of my ability. I do not want to offend anyone, and if I do, please accept my apologies in advance.

    "Why do you think homosexuality is wrong?"
    First, the Bible says that it is wrong. God says that he detests the practice. However, the Bible never says to hate on the people who do them. Homosexuality is wrong because it is a perversion of the natural way things work. You don't see it among animals; it is simply not how we were created to behave.
    But while I do not condone that type of behavior, I do say that the people involved are still creations of God, and he loves them just as much as he loves me; if not more. Jesus went to spend time with the people the religious people of that day thought God hated them. God's love for a person does not change; whether they are a Christian or not, and whether they follow his laws or not. He loves them. He does not love the sin, and the sin will have to be paid for, but because he loves the person caught in that trap, he has offered to pay it for them.
    Therefore, my job is not to "hate on gays," it is to love them for the creation of God that they are, and tell them about his love for them, no matter what they do.
    (I do not mean love in the romantic sense, rather in the 1 Corinthians 13 sense, which is sacrificial.)

    I hope I have not offended anyone.

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