Should we strive for immortality (yes) or accept mortality (no)?

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  • I think we could handle being immortal

    People are saying live a life worth living..... Why? It will all be forgotten and nothing to you when you're dead, same as it was before you were born. I think people are just being scared of change as they always are, instead of coming up with ways to bear with being immortal, they shun it. But if you were immortal, you would do the same thing when presented with the question "should we all just kill ourselves so we can die", as you would be suited and conditioned towards living forever and have no idea why anyone wouldn't want to. People are all saying that immortality would suck because you wouldn't have a purpose and it would get repetitive (not really as you would probably not remember anything past 150 - 200 years ago) but if you really were immortal you would find ways to deal with it, you would find new purposes, you would live differently, and have different opinions and world views. People are disagreeing simply because they have built their lives around the situation that has been given to them, mortality, and they don't know how they would live if they were in a different situation. But keep in mind, you people have probably spent years and years thinking about your future and how you want to live and how you should and will live, while you haven't put in more than a few seconds of thought into living immortally. I bet if we lived forever we would find ways to deal with it, and be completely different people. We would be just as happy, but just about different things. It might take a few years of imagination, but if you really wanted to, you could figure out how to deal with and why you would live immortally

  • Life Extension Not Immortality

    Immortality is impossible. This does not mean that nothing would be gained through pursuing immortality. Currently, we have extended the lifespan of the average human being, however this only means that we spend more time in pain. The anti-aging cures discovered in this quest would improve our health-spans, the time in a life that is spent in a healthy state.

  • Immortality would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    As far as I can remember the concept of immortality that appealed to me. When I first learned about immortality I had a longing for it and saw it fully under a positive light. Later on, I started to gain a more realistic approach to it and slowly started to see both the good and bad sides to it. When I reached my adolescence period I began to mostly hold the same views, in regards to seeing both the good and bad things to it, but I still favored it overall. To this very day, I am still attracted to immortality and for some reason I have a gut or instinctual feeling that it'll be more beneficial than harmful. My intuition desires this way of life and has a craving to see the results or outcomes of immortality.

  • Personally I'd want to be immortal

    Just because I like solitude and don't like being around people. There are some people I would be immortal with, but eternity alone does not scare me because that's honestly how I'd prefer it. I could also do the craziest things, and assuming my body heals itself, I would get away with it. Like jumping off cranes. Cuz why not? It would be fun and awesome, and I would get to see the destruction of Earth, firsthand at which point I would have learnt how to fully harness my immortality and feel no pain.

  • A worthy endeavor

    If you want to push the boundaries of living, I don't understand why we'd limit our curiosity in our attempt to prolong life. Let us see how far we can go with immortality. If it doesn't work, let us ask,"Why?" If it does, we extend our wisdom and our reach toward the stars. Now we're not limited to this solar system, and we can attempt greater feats of Engineering, Philosophy, and Art.

    Imagine setting foot upon a completed Dyson Sphere if we can comprehend it. To be in the presence of such a Mega-structure would be terrifying and exciting.

    Imagine a culmination of minds in an immaterial forum of trillions discussing law, morality, and life coherently. Think DDO, but with the wisdom of Socrates, Plato, Confucius, and Buddha of ages.

    Imagine the inspiration a newborn child could muster beholding a planetary statue of diamond and gold; the sense of accomplishment obtained for working the land to prosper and grow for its own sake; or the empathy, humility, and respect gained via acculturation.

    "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee." - John Donne.

  • The answer is in the question.

    We may never know if immortality is possible, achieving It or something close to it wont happen in our lifetime and ultimately it may make us something other then human. With that being said striving for it, the act of struggling against death, is intrinsically the purpose of a living thing. Pushing the average mortality age ever higher and decreasing the annual death toll should always be our concern. Even of it is only an unreachable myth, clinging to it would be wise, the further we reach for it humanity is carried along the way.

  • Wage on immortality

    Although accepting mortality has been the best way so far to strive, I'll argue in favor of biological immortality.

    Mortality will always be a great loss. Nowadays we are near the technological singularity, which means being near to "immortality". We should live as if we are gonna die today, but we should not yield to the mortality paradigm. A new paradigm shift is coming, one full of hope and wonder. We need to fight for more life. Isn't that why medicine exists, to make our lives longer and plenty? But then, why does medicine yield to this mortality paradox? Should't modern medicine be considered a modern institutionalized violence due to not fulfilling biological immortality?

    Besides, everything humans do is "unnatural", so the "immortality is unnatural" argument is weak in that sense.

    We should strive for immortality.

  • Why The Hell Not

    If you find away to go ahead, its not like there's any reason not to try. You'll probably end up dead after a while but you still were able to do more than that other guy. Any way true immortality is impossible as anything that can be done can be undone with enough effort. Looking at it from a religious perspective you'll end up there any way with the eventual heat death of the universe. No point in not at least trying...

    There is only one Truth, but there are many ways to perceive it

  • Consciousness forever, do you want that?

    Personally, I can't even bear the idea of thinking and being forever. It sounds like hell to me. It's not about solitude, it's about having to think and live with yourself for the whole of eternity. Doesn't that sounds awful. Its terrifying. It also could never exist, even if we stop the aging process it still wouldn't work because one say this planet os going to due and even of we somehow get to another planet the universe is one day going to die. Death is inevintable. Its better to live with it then wish for something else.

  • Immortality leads to solitude.

    Immortality has been a subject of fascination for centuries. There are countless movies, plays, poems, stories, works of physical art, and songs that explore the idea of eternal life. The general theme of most of the stories is that while immortality seems romantic and paramount in the beginning, those who are granted the supposed blessing of eternal life end up deeply sad and alone. Seeing as to the fact that none of the people around them live forever. The immortal couldn't get close to anyone because the relationship would never last and only end in more pain when it ended. Humans are very social creatures so socializing is very important. The life of a recluse isn't fun, nor is it healthy. So what is immortal life if forever has to be spent alone.

  • G g g

    Death is just another stage in life that we have accept. We should not fear death, but fear whether we have lived a life worth living. I'm happy to embrace death when it comes, I won't speed up or slow down the process. Being immortal would honestly suck. I'd hate working forever and most people would be driven to insanity due to their immortality.

  • A Christian perspective...

    From a Christian perspective, this life is simply a brief interlude, which allows us to either accept or reject Christ. If yo accept Him, you will have eternal life. If you don't...Well, that would be a very bad decision. There is also the fact that a sinner who, lived forever, would be a very jaded individual. We would also need a very effective form of birth control, in order to prevent over population. Finally, could you imagine a politician living forever, and getting elected over and over and over and over and over again? Bad idea. Very bad idea.

  • Immortality awaits us in the afterlife

    As J.K. Rowling said, "It's not about striving for immortality, but accepting mortality". And Angus Tuck from Tuck Everlasting told Winnie, "You don't have to live forever. You just have to live". Both of these quotes have the same point: Death is inescapable. It's part of nature; we're born, we live and we die. Everlasting life is unnatural.

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