• I do support it

    First off I am f**king autistic and secondly we do need those movement because they help people be aware of the others who are autistic and for those who are not don't need to have a f**king say. Not unless they support it I hate when people say we don't need for them to have help

  • Yes we should

    Autism is a hidden disability that happens during brain development, affecting motor nerves and senses. Some have sensory overloads too. Autistic people are also 3.5 times more likely to have GI diorders, a lot have bipolar disorder and 1/3 of the Autism population has epilepsy so yes we should support Autism speaks because it is a foundation devoted to raising awaness and money to Autism research go on to their website for peeps sake, AUTISM SPEAKS SHOULD BE SUPPORTED IF YOU DISAGREE THeN YOU ARE MAN AND CRUEL PEOPLE WITH AUTISm DIDN'T ASK FOR IT SO HELP FIND A CURE BY DONATING OR JUST HELP sPrEAD AWARNESS OR EVN JUST GO ON THE WEBSIYE

  • What ever you do don't support autism speaks.

    Do not support this charatiy. They are are doing so many bad things. For example they only spend 4% of their budget to help autistics. They barley have any autistics on their board of directors. They create tons of fear spreading propaganda and in one of the videos a autism mom says she wanted to kill herself and her autistic daughter but did not do it due to her lover for her non autistic child. Their rhetoric is disgusting treating autism as a fate worse then death and most of all there are many autistics out there who do not want a cure, yes they do have their fair share of challanges to deal with just like everybody. But they think autism is essential to who they are. So support groups like the autistic self advocacy network or the autism womens network after all "nothing about us without us".

  • Not Autism Speaks but a different organization.

    Autism Speaks has the right idea about informing people about the disorder but they are horrible about executing the idea. They give autism a horrible image and they barely do any research or help to fight it. They do have videos BUT again, they give autism a bad image. I know a few autistic people and they hate the group.

  • We should not.

    Raising awareness about autism is very important, But Autism Speaks gives an awful reputation to those on the spectrum. This organization thinks that autism is something horrible, And they even made those awful commercials detailing how "autism ruins families" and "makes parents cry every morning. " Representation is awesome, But negative representation just makes things worse. Also, There is a distinct lack of persons with autism on the board at Autism Speaks. A better organization is ASAN, Which is led by those with autism.

  • They are bullies

    I'm autistic and I'm having more health issues from the stress of having to deal with people and groups like them than I have just because of autism. The way they write and speak encourages people to see autistic people as not fully human, promoting abuse and torture. Most of what they do would probably be considered hate crime if it was about another group

  • I'm autistic and they don't support me.

    They're a horrible organization who's original founding statement was to find a "cure" for autism instead of trying to help those with it manage and find a way to co-exist with the way their brain works.

    They have published video after video demonizing those like me as if we are diseased freaks instead of people with a few more needs then others.

  • Autism speaks is genocidal

    Not one person on their board is autistic and they have a place where they torture people called the Judge Rotenberg Centre where they claim to help people but they torture autistic people and use electroshock therapy. Also, a great deal of their funding doesn't go towards helping autistic people and over 50 percent of their people don't know what autism is. Their leader made 600,000 dollars a year. There are zero autistic people on their board and the only person that was autistic was John Elder Robison and he left because all they do is spread hate and they didn't listen to his opinions. Furthermore, the majority of autistic people don't want a cure and they see it as a fundamental part of who they are. They even have links with a white supremacist biker gang.

  • Autism is a hate group and does not speak for autistic people.

    Nothing with us without us is not used in the organization as not a single member on their board is autistic. The only member on their board that was autistic was John Elder Robison and he left because all they do is spread hate. Awareness is good but acceptance is MUCH more important. Autism speaks is a hate group that regularly spreads hateful propaganda and has links to a white supremacist biker gang. There was a video that proves this about a woman who said she would drive off a bridge and kill her children just because they were autistic. Autism speaks doesn't listen to actual autistic people and over half of the people in their organization don't know what autism is. It is a hateful evil organization that should be made illegal. They want to cure autism and on their main website it talks about eugenics. What they want to achieve is genocide and they see autistic people as sub human.

  • Autism speaks is a hate group and uses electroshock therapy to torture autistic people

    Autism speaks uses electroshock therapy to torture autistic people and there has been links with the organization to a white supremacist biker gang. Furthermore, there has only been one autistic person on their entire board and he left the organization because it was too hateful of autistic people. They claim to speak for us but not a single member is autistic and more than 50 percent of their people don't know what autism is. Acceptance is much more important than awareness and all they do is spread hate. There was a video of a woman who said she would drive off a bridge and kill her children just because they were autistic. They are a hate group and they should be illegal.

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