• Support the cause not the action

    Vague question because I think there should be concern for law enforcement corruption, but not at the cost of taking innocent lives. I probably am more in the middle than a hard yes or no. There are other ways to have your voice heard than to commit senseless violence. I cant stop but thinking that in reality Dorner may have never got the publicity of this conspiracy in the LAPD without these horrific acts of violence.

  • Support might be a bit strong but I certainly don't condemn him

    How much of a manhunt and how big the reward if he was targeting civilians as opposed to the prestigeous LAPD? I can’t imagine all of the people who were victims of the LAPD or their families were shedding many tears over what was happening.
    When tyrants rule with an iron fist and the victims are helpless to respond of course there will be cheers when they get some measure of satisfaction. Google LAPD and abuse and see how fast the page fills up.

  • Sure

    I think a number of things Dorner did were wrong, such as killing family members of the LAPD, but his motives are pure. He was a victim of police abuse and corruption, and the legal system failed to do anything about it.

    When Dorner was sent to Iraq, did any of you demand that he stopped as he was ordered to kill Iraqis? Would you have supported arresting those who sent him to commit state sanctioned violence? Do you care about the people that the police kill on a daily basis? If not, then why care about Dorner? He's killed a lot less people than the police and military have.

  • Of course not

    he retaliated against what he thought was corruption by going out and killing innocent people who did nothing wrong to begin with. He dug himself into his predicament when he clearly had better options that he could pursue, and he ultimately compromised what he wanted to change by turning into a cold blooded killer. We shouldnt support Dorner because he picked the worst possible way to address an issue he wanted to bring attention to

  • Do not ever

    Support Dorner, he may be right but his anger was brought out in the wrong way. He acted in violence, and that will never be ok. Being violent is never right unless you are defending yourself against a physical attack on your person or your family. Murder is wrong, and he got punished.

  • Two wrongs don't make a right

    Let it be known that I do NOT support police corruption or brutality in the slightest way, that doesn't justify killing police or friends and family of them, think about Officer Crain's two young kids who can't say good night to their father before he was killed, and I am aware of the victims due to police corruption, that doesn't make it right, Chris Dorner is dead now so no one is supporting him and by doing so when he was alive is treason, the media needs to wake up and taste a little morality because some of the comments I have read regarding Dorner are just sickening.

  • Violence is seldom the answer

    When we are faced with challenges in life, we have many choices on how to deal with our problems. When we resort to violence, we hurt our message, and other people. Directing that violence at people that are not connected to the issue is a horrible choice, and doesn't help your message either.

  • He Left a Manifesto

    Though Dorner received recognition by both the Navy and the LAPD, in no way does this excuse him from the actions he performed. The man posted a manifesto wherein he cites his reasons for carrying out the shootings. Racism is and will always be an issue, but no matter the reason for his firing shooting civilians is never the answer. There is no just cause in defending a self-admitting domestic terrorist.

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