• Be careful now

    We cannot let people enter our country illegally and overrun it. We also cannot let them in just so they can spark war and terrorism. But we can let them in if they are willing to be peaceful. That's why we have background checks for those who enter legally. People claim they enter illegally because the system is unfair and rigged. Well shouldn't people just make our lives easier by following the rules? Hey, Our ancestors from 1880 followed the immigration rules and they got a lot of good in return. How com the same doesn't happen now?

  • We already are

    Donald has gone on hating illegal immigration saying that nothing but bad hombres come and yet he still hired illegals for his fields and illegal polish men to build his buildings. He even had illegal maids.
    They have proof even Donald Jr knew about and he would be nice to them. They had them work for the full season and fired them when it was over or because they were discovered.
    A lot of people say they hate illegal immigration but then they turn a blind eye when they have someone working hard for them. Even women would change their mind with a house cleaner working for them.
    True, Drugs and human trafficking do come from the border and criminals and gang members do cross the border. Almost everyone agrees that it is bad. Stop bad people and drugs from entering. The problem is that people are bought with the money. You see documentaries and they are not stopping sending drugs because it is in demand. Drug is a whole complex topic.
    And yet chicken plants need hired hands. Demand and supply.
    And low skill workers hate the competition with illegals but that is capitalism 101. If someone offers a cheaper service you will take it.
    It happened in the dust bowl. Poor white people went to California to work and it made everyone angry that all the jobs were taken by Midwestern people.
    And the truth is that robots will reduce the amount of jobs. What will truck drivers do when a Tesla Truck can do their jobs. What will uber drivers do with a AI driving car. What will manufacturer workers do when robots can work harder and faster. Illegals or not poor low skilled white people are going to be out of jobs in the coming future and this whole system cannot continue.

  • They do not need additional support

    People should be coming here and supporting themselves on their own volition. If they have it in them to work then thats all fine. . . But there is no reason we should be supporting them or importing them for that purpose. We are already failing hard on taking care of the people we have here. The last thing we need is to put ourselves further into a situation where the poor are dragging down the rest of the people trying to climb up the ladder. The system is strained, Bent but not broken. I see no reason to break it as part of someones sick social experiment. Youre playing with peoples lives here, People who have already worked hard to get to middle class. They shouldnt need to have to "make it again" because of your importing people and handing them livelihoods that the rest of us had to work hard to achieve.

    Way to water down the american dream.

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