• Unions help us

    Unions have been accused of being corrupt or corruptible in the past, but they are no more or no less so than the powers that are attempting to keep unions down - mainly, the corporations, who believe in a bottom line profit above the well being of their employers with more consistency than unions have.

  • Yes, lets support the power!

    I believe that we should support the power of labor unions. Labor unions are a very important aspect of the American culture. Unions provide security to the hard working people of this Country. Why should we not support them? They help to make the world go round, thats for sure!

  • They worked for a long time until the right wing got a hold of them

    People should support labor unions because they believe in the 40 hour work week Not 60 to 80 hours a week. People should support labor unions because they pay a fair wage and if they don't, they have collective bargaining so people can get a fair wage. They also have good benefits like pensions and health care. What is so bad about that. It is a lot better than what most people have these days.

  • Yes, I think we should support the power of labor unions

    Labor Unions are responsible for many of the perks and benefits that many Americans enjoy today, I fully support the idea of providing support behind labor unions but only to certain point, if a labor union becomes to powerful it will start to strangle the business and make it unprofitable leading to a loss for everyone, so we should support the unions but not to extreme levels.

  • No, we should not support labor unions.

    Labor unions these days are way to powerful. They bully some organizatons and companies in regards to the pay and salaries they give some employees. I think that we should not support the power of labor unions because a lot of the times, their demands are unfair to corporations and businesses.

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