• I believe we should support Wall Street.

    This is a hard argument because I would like to support both, but when it comes down to it more of the countries economy and people's welfare depend on Wall Street. Mom and pop stores are important but they are not what drives the nations economy and provide the bulk of jobs.

  • More on Main Street

    To hell with Wall Street we need to take care of the majority not just the uber rich. Main Street is who we really are and that is where our focus needs to be. The world can't live up to Wall Street standards and there's no point in trying. We've done enough harm. We need to stop.

  • We should support Main Street

    Main Street, those small businesses, are our friends and neighbors making a go at the American Dream, often with only the support of friends and family. These small businesses provide jobs for local people and individual service that is not offered at the large corporate chains that are prevalent across the United States. By supporting these businesses and repealing laws that make it difficult for them to enter the market stream, we are working to build a more secure and prosperous America.

  • It's time to Support Main Street.

    Our government has been supporting Wall Street since the economic meltdown, and our financial institutions are thriving. The average person, however, is not. We do not have the same need for labor that we once had, and the jobs that are available don't pay a middle-class wage. It's time to concentrate our efforts on re-building the economy that most of us live in.

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