Should we switch first past the post voting systems to alternative voting/ranked voting (ignoring other voting systems such as MMP or STV)?

Asked by: SockRatesCarlin
  • I absolutely agree!

    I totally agree! FTPT is a rubbish voting system that gives parties either unfair over-representation, Or unfair under-representation (or in some cases. . . . . NONE! )! It works OK if there are only two parties standing but in a multiple party system, It fails! It can create many absurd results!
    For example, A party can get an overall majority with a low vote (in one case only 35% of the vote in the UK in 2005). Second, A party can "win" an election by having more seats, But actually fewer votes then other parties! (eg in 1974 in the UK, In 2016 in the USA)….
    Worse it creates a "parliamentary dictatorship" where the governing party can implement whatever they like basically (whether it was in their manifesto or not! ) and there is NOTHING anyone else can do about it; apart from scream and shout and wait until the next election! This is ripe open to abuse and frequently is! In a PR system, Parties are forced to come together and make compromises so the results are more in line with how people voted. If your party didn't get the most votes, You still get a proportionate share in how the country is governed. . . . Opposition actually has some meaning and opposing parties can "gang up together" to keep a bad government in check!
    Also even the parties themselves are actually made up of smaller parties which are forced to come together (in a rather un-easy coalition) since its the only way they have a hope of winning! In a PR system, The parties would naturally divide and could stand more on what they want to stand on and have some of their policies implemented. In the present system, Most small parties will get effectively NO say over the country (even though they may get 20%+ of the vote! ).
    Sadly I don't think we will ever see PR!

  • Ranked voting is by far a better voting system than first past the post

    First past the post discourages voting for smaller parties that people might want to support because of the spoiler effect : people voting for a bigger party they feel indifferent towards in order to avoid a another big party they extremely dislike instead of voting for the party they throughly support.

    This creates a two party system which is very hard to break away from. For example, In the United States of America and in Canada, Where federal governments have only ever been run by two parties.

    This creates dishonest elections and ruins hopes of a true democracy.

    Some might say that this would polarize politics, But I say that the more people are insastified by the governments that are in power, The more resentment they will get towards politics and the more they will polarize as a barganing strategy (asking for more than you want to go down to what you want).

    To learn more about this subject, I strongly recommand watching this video : https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=3Y3jE3B8HsE

    In conclusion, We are burdened by being forced to vote strategically rather than honestly. However, I am very curious to hear any counter-arguments. This being said, I want to keep other voting systems out of the question because they deserve their own debates.

  • You're playing linear chess

    . . . And much akin to why paper money is never safe, Never un-counterfeit-able, The United Sates broadcasts/makes publicly known every damned thing it does. Enough so, At least, The Bad Guys (pick 'em) know automatically how to proceed in overcoming the new obstacles. Should it being from scratch in formulation, "building their nucleus", So to speak. . . They do it, And it is done, And nothing is "safe", Anymore. And nothing's going to be.

    In short, Human Trumps That Which Human Creates (pardon the word "Trump", But channel everything else). Believing in the arms race of "leveling up" the mechanisms, Is no different than believing in the security factor of any arms race. You're creating new trivia games, In which all answers are pre-memorized. Nothing will save Ye The People, Because They The Others know what all you do. You build a new house of cards, They disassemble it. If this pantomime draws you your paycheck, Then, Pardon me. Keep Calm and Keep Kidding Yourself. BUT.

    It matters little. This election, Unalterable, Will be the last one. You either know that, Or like to scream at people.

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