Should we switch from Fahrenheit to the Kelvin system?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It is a good idea

    To switch it would mean less disconnect between science and life.
    Also the the people saying no are stupid I must admit like MadisonJ MrCapsican bigdave and the like I think they are trolls but I am not sure and if they are not then science help us all. _

  • The next generation could easily grow up with it

    One temperature scale for everything, no conversions, easier link to science.
    The first generation will have some trouble adapting, but they will get used to it pretty quickly: like getting used to the Euro. The next generation will not know any different.
    The only minor disadvantage might be scale: always in the hundreds.

  • It would be for the best.

    A unified international and scientific measurement system would be for the best. Instead of people visit other countries and not truly understand the distance, most people cannot do the conversions especially since the metric system and Celsius are so much easier. And once your at Celsius, you are just a subtraction problem away from Kelvin.

  • It would make physics look less hard, spur interest, promote long-term growth of science and technological advancement for humanity

    It would take a bit of an adjustment as temperatures would then be reported in the hundreds always, but people would get used to it and through conversation an understanding of what is hot and cold would become normalized. Children would grow up with it and be used to it. It would make the subject of physics seem less hard and promote more interest in it. The hardness of a subject often has a great deal to do with differences in the sort of "language" or "measurement systems" used. People are put off by the difference. Use Kelvin in everyday life and that particular difference disappears making physics more attractive of a field and leading to more discoveries.

  • No never again

    We fought a war to go against this system with the british in 1800. They want to rule us its crazy. In AMERICA we choose our fate, our destiny and our freedom. Every day they have these little systems to make us more like them in europe land. I dont like it. We must stand true. It may sound silly but they will take our flag and then our constitution if we let them. Next they will say use the same power plugs as us and drive on the same side of the road. This is to make the world easier to control for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  • No, absolutely not!!

    It is an American thing. Why should we through away a part of our culture and uniqueness, just to fit in with the Europeans. We're not European, and we shouldn't be idolizing them. We're American, and we should be doing our own things. I guess you think we should start using the metric system and putting "u"s in our "honour" and "colour", huh? It took me the longest to even type those un-American words, because my mac kept correcting it!!! You anti-American!!!

  • It wouldn't make much of anything better.

    So the Fahrenheit system is based on 0 degrees being the freezing point of saltwater and 100 degrees being the temperature of a human. This makes a little less sense than the Celsius system, where 0 is freezing for water and 100 is boiling, but honestly, what little we would gain from switching would be counteracted by the trouble of changing everything to read Celsius (or kelvin, but that's kinda silly, the numbers are always so high the blow everything out of proportion, the sense of scale is kinda lost.)

  • It's really a minor change that people with minor education can understand.

    While I will agree that most people struggle with conversions. It can be attributed to the low use of kelvins in the general community. Switching would be an unnecessary and difficult change because it would force people to relearn something that ultimately is going to mean the same when they watch the weather channel. As for Physics class, changing Fahrenheit to Kelvin is hardly going to make physics more enjoyable.

  • No. It would be misused.

    If we switch to Kelvin, the federal government would use the higher temperatures as proof of global warming. Imagine a mild winter day at 273 degrees! A summer day with temperatures near 289 degrees would result in more Kyoto type agreements that will make China the only superpower. Do not switch!

  • We should not switch from Fahrenheit to the Kelvin system.

    Switching the temperature system would be too confusing and it would only make life harder for everyone. We did not change to the metric system in the past because it did not make sense. If we switched, people would just need to learn both systems anyway. It's easier to just stay with one.

  • Just not necessary

    I'm normally always in favour of unifying all our terms under scientific units and nomenclature but this is completely unnecessary. There's no need to use Kelvins as a unit in anywhere but equations. Because Kelvin is a S.I unit and so its the only unit that works in a physical equation. Outside of that context there's no use for it since the use of the word is to convey a message and if the message can be delivered clearly then it works fine. This is why that Fahrenheit should be changed to Celsius so there's no need for anyone to convert. Celsius is much easier to inter-convert to Kelvin as well (I'd like to see someone do a 9/5 fraction in their head!)

  • Of course not

    What a preposterous idea. In our everyday lives, we never use temperatures cold enough that would make sense with the kelvin system. Besides, its even more obsolete than fahrenheit. While switching to celsius like the rest of the world has would make some sense, it would not be worth the trouble. And we wouldnt gain ANYTHING in switching to Kelvin, just a lot of inconvenience

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