Should we take more drastic measures to prevent discrimination based on the LGBT+ community?

Asked by: KatDebate04
  • Yes. We need to prevent this.

    Discrimination based on the LGBT+ community is causing a lot of issues in society. More people are getting depression. This depression is causing suicide which also needs to prevented. Another big issue is that this is teaching children to be cruel. Not only to the LGBT+ community but to others as well. They could even become abusive in their future.

  • There’s no need to discriminate.

    These people have done nothing to you. Why be mean to them or discriminate against them? We can’t discriminate based on race, religion, or sex, so why should we be able to based on sexuality? It makes no sense. We need to prevent this for the greater good of not only out nation, but the entire human population. There would be so much less problems if people would just get over themselves and accept everyone

  • People are people.

    Discrimination, both towards the LGBTQ+ and other communities are causing a huge amount of problems all over the world (specifically, in the US). We need to help prevent this discrimination quickly before it becomes the definition of who we are. I don't want my country, the USA to be known as prejudiced- and I don't want anybody to have to feel hate directed towards them, just for trying to be happy.

  • No, we don't need to prevent this with more drastic measures.

    If anything, it's discrimination of normal people that we need to prevent with more drastic measures. In a court case, if you're apart of the LGBTQ, you (usually) have the benefit of the bias of the jury. People who criticize LGBTQ are considered fascist or committing hate speech. Some people claim they are in the LGBTQ to get attention or sympathy. LGBTQ fans/members riot and rage when people disagree with them. And yes, I described straight, cisgendered people as normal, because they are.

  • Is that even possible?

    They're already afforded more protection than everyone else through hate crime and anti-discrimination laws. They dominate the media, The states of Washington, California, New York, The District of Columbia, And Florida. The Supreme Court redefined marriage for them. What more would you possibly offer them? Execute anyone who disagrees homosexuality? Is that what it will take to finally make them feel equal?

  • No, I don't think we need to

    Now before I make my statement, I just want everyone to remember that this is the opinion section of Debate.Org I personally believe LGBT+ is a distraction from all the politics that's going on. Something for us to worry about as they slowly strip us of our rights from right under our noses. Now, you don't have to agree with this and since this is the opinion section, I won't list my arguments here. I will make a debate if anyone would like to fight me on this, I'd love to hear what you have to say. I am in no way homophobic or against LGBT+, I actually believe that it's very inspiring to see so many people standing up for something they believe in. I think the government has successfully created and distracted us with the LGBT+ movement and no one suspects anything, that's the funniest part. Even Carl Sagan said a reasonable amount of skepticism is healthy. Someone who trusts one thing without question is sure to be disappointed. Not to mention, everything that @OrangeTortoise just said is completely legit. The LGBT+ movement is making mountains out of molehills and are being completely unreasonable when it comes to how they take judgment. @Listen_to_the_facts2102, you mentioned that we can't discriminate based on race, religion, and gender, so why should we be on sexuality. You're speaking as if discrimination against these things don't happen/exist. African Americans daily are still killed on sight from walking down the street. Hispanics are still being told that they don't belong here. Females are given unfair chances against males EVERYDAY! So sure, you can say we shouldn't discriminate against these things, but saying that we can't wouldn't be the reality. It happens everyday.

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