• Moderate clown, full blown riddler

    ...Russell also was boosted into the greater spotlight post katy perry for political posturing, so you can't hate the player, but you can be envious of his way to win the game. No one knows another's goal unless the goals are authentically shared in a public arena. Finally, ones principle line of work doesn't determine his/her lifes' ultimate outcome.

  • Russell Brand is a clown.

    Russell Brand is a comedian and an actor. He shouldn’t be taken seriously, because his
    main goal in life is to make us laugh.
    People take themselves too seriously nowadays any way. We all need to laugh so that we can stop
    thinking about all of our problems all of the time.

  • Russell Brand a Comedian

    Russell Brand is a comedian that in my opinon used Katy Perry's upcoming popularity in the musical genre to increase his presence in the entertainment world. After Russell Brand divorced Katy Perry, he got all the media attention needed to support his comedian career. No one should take Brand seriously.

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