Should we take U.S. troops out of Afghanistan right now?

Asked by: Dylan_Ingle
  • Stop Spending Our Tax Money

    Personally, I feel as though the U.S. Troops could pull out of Afghanistan now and it would not be a bad thing. Yes, it may cause turmoil in the area and yes, it may allow terrorists groups to proliferate slightly more. I do not believe we are making a big enough impact to justify the cost of continuing.

  • No then we give up

    You cant just go in and start a war and not finish it i want our troops home as much as the next person but we are over there fighting a war not playing around our troops cant just pull out now that we are this far in we dont give up on what we believe in they havent given up on us dont give up on them they are keeping us free and safe dont forget why we fight

  • No they have to stay

    A large portion of our economy comes from our ability to wage war. It also shows our enemies that we have the manpower and resources to wage war anytime anywhere with anyone. The U.S.A. Has had more years of war then years of peace. We are a nation of warriors, it is what we are , it is what we do. To deny it would be wrong, it's in our nature and it makes us money. DON'T MESS WITH U S.

  • Fighting in the States

    One major thing I think about when our government talk about bringing troops home is us not finishing the job. Just throwing this out there but what happens if we didn't kill/capture the people that we need ? Then they come to our country and start fighting here. Is that such a bad thing? Yes and no. Why do we need to fight here when we can just fight there? But if the enemy does come to the states, we have military personnel here, gangs, and civilians with guns. I think we would be fine.

  • Hell freaking no!

    Please, please take it from someone in the military. We HAVE to stay. We have to finish the job. Yes, peace is a great thing to want and yes we have been at war for a long time, and I thank those of you who want this to end for the troops sake but we all have to accept the reality that we have started this and we must finish it. Yes it's true that if we really wanted we could pull our troops out and end this tomorrow. And then we'll have peace. And then a few years down the road it will be our children who will have to fight the our fight. They will be the ones who suffered because we were to cowardly or to lazy or to hippy to finish the fight for them. Don't believe me? Well what about the first American/Iraqi war? We could have finished off Saddam then and most likely the 2003 war would have never had to happen. But unfortunately for us America choose peace over victory. And it has cost us.

  • No... No... No!

    We already took troops out of Iraq and look where that got us! Nowhere! In fact! We're worse of now than we were before hand. We need our troops to stay in countries like Afghanistan. Most people say that they want our troops home so that they aren't in danger over seas. By taking them out, it actually causes more danger because the terrorists and terrorist organizations aren't being stopped and controlled. So no, we should not pull our troops out of Afghanistan.

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