• I Honestly think yes but for a reason

    I think the church, Clergies and ecclesiastic people have an important role in out society. Government money aint enough for the vagabonds and beggars and for the people in need. So, I honestly think the church should have tax with a purpose to help the people in need not just in a particular country or state itself but for the world. . .

  • As long as other institutions pay, Churches pay.

    Churches are like the rest of institutions which pay taxes, Why shouldn't churches pay taxes? Religious dominance over the world has passed by long time ago.
    To the person who said that just because the church has nothing to do with the State/politics it shouldn't pay taxes, Because it's related with politics, Let me tell you that taxes are mainly related with economy, Politicians just increase or decrease the percentage of tax (and other things like that). If we ever run out of money, Will you still think the same?

  • Should we tax the churches?

    We should make sure that churches will play for taxes to help our own economy and stuffs, So we can hope our future, I think we should have done that in USA a long time go, To make sure that theirs taxes will go to science, Infrastructure, Military, Health care and our everyday lives.

  • They are often massive profit-making organisations

    Churches often have huge amounts of profits (tax-free), There is no requirement that this profit is used to help those in need (Think private jets). I think any organisation that gives a large portion of their profits to help those in need should be given small tax relief, That way there is a greater incentive to help people.

  • If the church takes in profit from the community, They need to be taxed.

    Charity for churches should still remain not taxed. However, Revenue and profit from church business should be taxed. For example, If a church charges a fee for their Bible study, Then they should be taxed for the profit they earned from the Bible study. If the church is hosting a spaghetti dinner for charity, Then the charity money should not be taxed if the money has been clearly given to charity. If a church keeps those money, They should be taxed for that money. In short, If a church does a service that requires people to pay, Then the church should be taxed on that portion.

  • Yes, Of Course!

    Taxing the churches would provide us with an extra $71 billion. Churches don't really donate that much money, With the Mormon church spending only. 7% of their annual income on charity. Churches make lots of money, And should be taxed on the money they make. $71 billion that could be spent on helping the poor and others.

  • No, We should not.

    Churches are essentially non-profit charities (with the exception of some megachurches which are disgusting). They receive donations and distribute them to the needy. They also need to use a percentage of the donations to pay priests, Build new churches, Church upkeep, Administrative costs etc. If we were to tax churches we would also have to tax charities and charitable donations.

  • That is Constitutionally prohibited

    The question assumes that the Federal government actually has the authority to tax churches. It does not now, Nor ever has. There is no provision in law that allows it or even dares to attempt it. Have churches abused that privilege, You bet. Are some of these mega church pastors and staff living like kings and queens while defrauding their congregations, Yep. They deserve to burn for it too, But it's still safer to risk being bilked by a shady preacher than to know you're going to get raped by the federal government.

  • Not without cause

    Many churches give back what they give in 100% of their income. Whether it’s money they receive through offerings and they give it away through buying meals for homeless, Broken families, Or transportation. Why should they need to? My church gives away 100% of the money they get through tithing and every year they realease a breakdown of how much money they receive and where the put the money.

  • Almost always, No

    I can agree that if the church were to take in profits, They should be taxed, But nearly all ( at least christian churches, Don't know as much about others ) only take in charity such as offering and tithing. Also, As many have stated, Religion and state should be separated as stated in the first amendment.

  • I don't believe that to be right, Churches are meant to worship him and give tithing

    I am an LDS and i know that it's hard to give tithing with certain family's because taxing breaks them. I watch my family struggle too right now and you want to tax the church? What happens if the church can't pay it? Your asking for something in my opinion i just would not agree with. I say leave the churches out of this, Honestly politics should not be brought near church, Don't do it.

  • Churches receives most of their money through charity. Do you want to tax charitable donations?

    I don't think it would be lawful to tax something mostly based off of donations by the church congregations. Really, That would open up discussions about whether it would be ok to do the same to charities- in terms of how they make money, They're (churches and charities) are essentially the same.

  • Not without cause.

    Separation of church and state is part of our bill of rights (1st amendment). We also have a long tradition of not taxing non-profit organizations. Tho some churches do show profit, Not all do and this profit may also be temporary.
    Because of the 1st amendment, I also feel that religions should stay out of politics (matters of the state). Should they violate this, Then they should either have to pay taxes or be reprimanded in other ways. Separations of church and state should go both ways. Right?

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