Should we tax the rich more to increase Social Security benefits?

  • Yes, I believe that the rich should be taxed.

    They are capable of giving money to a noble cause and earning money all the while, while people who are retiring are not capable of supporting themselves in any way. Also, it is a plus one on the rich people’s side, for they are doing a good deed and helping out others who are in need.

  • Fair and even

    I believe everyone should be taxed on an equal scale truthfully, not more so because your rich. To be fair, I think it should be a percentage of taxation. Just a blanket # if taxes were 1% of your income, by default, rich would pay more but it'd be fair and balanced. The low income people would still pay 1%. I'd also say there'd be no way to exempt from the 1% and the rule would apply to businesses to based upon gross profit margins at the end of the year. So, by default, yes, the rich would pay more but it'd be a balanced scale I do believe.

  • The rich do not pay taxes because they are the ruling class...

    First of all you cannot tax the people that make the laws and rules. They are always going to get around paying taxes. Second of all, the rich are the risk takers and have risked alot to get to where they are. They have risked starting up a business or investing in a business. So they should not pay taxes.

  • Social Security is a PROGRAM that you pay into...It is not a general tax

    This is why it is a separate deduction on your paycheck. People don't just get Social Security paymenst out of the general use Federal taxes.

    People only pay on the first $118,500 ( the "cap") because they will only get Social Security benefits based on $118,500 in retirement , not based on their entire yearly income. Drop the "its not fair" that they don't pay FICA all year, just because they hit the cap early.
    To have someone pay on their entire income (whatever that is above the cap earning), and not pay them benefits in retirement based on what they paid in (if they paid on income above the cap) is scrapping the whole system, and turning into wealth redistribution, on the back if someone who took risk and put forth effort to earn more.


  • This is what's wrong with the US

    People automatically assume that a problem can be fixed with taxes when really we should be more concerned about lowering our expenses and boosting our exports. But taxes should be more of an afterthought where everyone pays the same rates, a flat 10% holds some water. Now if you disagree because it would lower the social benefits that the government gives us just remember that the government can't afford to get involved with that type of stuff unless there is a depression.

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