• Unhealthy foods should be taxed

    Unhealthy food should be taxed. This is because of the fact that America has a serious obesity problem. America has huge problems with heart related illnesses and cancer. Taxing unhealthy foods would push people in the correct direction to eat nutritious foods, but also allow people to still acquire them if they really, really wanted them.

  • The government needs all the money it can get.

    I believe that taxing unhealthy foods is a great idea. The government needs all the money it can
    get. Companies that sell unhealthy foods
    can think about it as paying retribution to the families of all the people they
    kill. We already tax cigarettes and
    alcohol, and I don’t think that taxing unhealthy foods is that much different.

  • Lower healthy food prices

    Maybe if the healthy food prices were lower then the obese people would eathealthier. A fat tax is unfair to those of us who are healthy and want an unhealthy snack some times. Who thinks the government should try my idea instead
    The government shouldn't care what our pant sizes are!!!!

  • We should tax the corporations

    We shouldn't tax unhealthy foods to the extent of taxing the consumer, as this will not actively discourage anyone from purchasing and eating them. This is a free country and this is as close as we can get to a scare tactic from the government. But we should heavily tax and pay attention to the corporations who manufacture and sell these products.

  • What would be the point?

    If the purpose of putting a tax on so called unhealthy foods would prevent people from purchasing them, in attempt to help control obesity, I think the Government is going to be very disappointed by this. A small tax on unhealthy food will NOT stop people from purchasing these foods.

  • No it takes away a freedom

    There should not be an extra tax on unhealthy foods. To deny people the ability to purchase unhealthy foods cause they cost more is absurd. People should have a freedom to choose what they want to eat. Taxing the food extra is not going to help our society in any way.

  • We should not tax unhealthy foods.

    We should not tax food that are unhealthy because it is a person's right to eat whatever the want. The government is not a nanny. Many governments has proposed banning unhealthy foods, but these proposals have been very unpopular. People will not stand for a government that forces people to be healthy against their will.

  • It's Our Bodies, Not the Feds'

    As a free citizen, I am proclaiming that I own my body, not the government, and that I will put anything I please into my own body. Organic or not. McDonalds or not. It doesn't matter. If I please, I will even eat the bacon grease. It's my body. Case Closed!

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