• Yes we should be teach children how advertising works

    So all these factors are merged with a product and tweaked to make that product appealing and familiar to us, without us fully understanding why it feels appealing and familiar.Now, recently the target of the advertising industry are increasingly younger kids. And I would venture to say that if many adults don't fully understand why advertisement works, then even less kids would be expected to know.eaching kids that there is baloney in advertisement can open the door for them to question more than just advertisement.

  • Yes we should teach kids how advertising works

    No question about it. Kids need to know how advertising is done, so they can understand the messages being sent, why they are being sent, and how to avoid falling prey to some of them, such as the ads for fast food chains or sugary snacks, cakes, and cereals. Education is always the first step in the awareness process, and in an day and age when kids are being thrown messages left and right on any and all subjects, it is critical to inform them of how to make sense of it all.

  • Adults should definately educate children about how advertising works

    Teaching children about advertising at an early age can be extremely beneficial. It teaches kids to not get sucked into every product that flashes across the television screen and how advertisers generally make their products out to be better than they actually are. Since advertising has such a major role in our society, children with knowledge of advertising and how it works will likely be able to better adapt to the world around them.

  • We should not teach children how advertising works.

    Advertising is a specialized subject that is learned in business school. It is not an appropriate topic for children. Children have more important basic subjects to learn about rather than advertising. Most children would have no way to use the things they learn about advertising since they are not working for advertising companies.

  • It is too complicated to comprehend for children

    No, we should not teach children how advertising works. The concept behind advertising is too difficult for children to comprehend until they are probably about high school age. At that point, that is when schools start to offer business classes anyway. Children do not really have any means to be majorly affected by advertising nor do they have the vehicles to purchase any products being adveritsed, whether that be via the internet or via going to an actual store if they wanted to, they have to rely on their parents who have the ultimate say.

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