Should we teach kids sex education from an early age?

Asked by: DavidKaizer
  • We should teach kids sex education from an early age.

    It's necessary to teach kids sex education early so that they can stay safe. Kids are being exposed to messages about sex from earlier ages because of the Internet. In order to keep our kids safe, we need to teach them how to be safe so that they do not get incorrect messages form the media.

  • Yes with parent consent.

    I think making kids understand sex ed and feel comfortable with it allows them to ask more questions and avoid awkward situations they are uncomfortable with. We teach them that it is okay to talk about it and ask questions about things they might not usually want to talk about. However, the parent should be informed about it beforehand and any parent that is not okay with it should not have their kid subjected to it.

  • Kids need to learn from respectable sources.

    I've been around other families and had to babysit their kids and it's pretty shocking to see how much they know about sex. I had to research this and was curious the average age kids started to watch pornography on the internet.

    10 years old. WHAT.

    Let's get them learning about HEALTHY relationships BEFORE they see the twisted, unrealistic world of porn.

  • Not a "how-to", but an explanation.

    Many kids have seen Mr. Rogers. One part of this show involves taking a tour of a factory, learning about how random things like crayons are made.

    But how are WE made? We are made by reproduction. It is only logical to teach a child his or her origin, instead of giving lies about a stork or the Doctor's Bag.

    There is an appreciation you can get for something after finding out how it is made, and our bodies are no exception.

  • Sex is entering too fast

    Children would fair better learning about sex from adults than peers and it is not unlikely for children in grade 1 to already know certain things about sex. Teachers and parents should be the first ones to explain these things to children. We need to make sure that what we teach them is still age appropriate.

  • Absolutely, we should.

    There are different levels of age appropriate sex education, but these should be mandatory in schools. Comprehensive sex education has been shown by a plethora of studies to be the best way to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy. In addition, early sex education reduces body image and shame issues, as in the younger years it is geared towards changes the children are experiencing in their bodies and how to deal with them- a topic a great majority of parents are too afraid or repressed to talk about or are misinformed about themselves.

  • Age Appropriate Sex Ed is very helpful for people in later life.

    Today our Sex Education classes are not good enough in the UK to support the speed that sex is entering our lives and our laptops.
    We need to create sex ed classes from an early age similar to the system being taught in The Netherlands, a country where the teenage pregnancy rates are 5 times lower than they are in the UK.

    They should not be being taught about Condoms or how to have sex, but just the basic facts that will prepare them in later life for what to expect, rather than it being completely not taught about, allowing children to find out for themselves, with dire consequences.

  • Pursue Early Sex Education!

    Our nature is to have sex. In biological terminology, organisms tend to reproduce and recreate, from complex homo sapiens specie ranging to the smallest, miniscule microorganisms, they must multiply to satisfy their population and fulfill the cycle of life. Human being as life-processing specie, we people (not generalizing all) are being systematize to indulge in sexual reproduction to reckoned a person to be complete and integrated. I maintain that sex is not a ridicule matter but rather a significant element for establishing a well-rounded individual with great responsibility in every action he/she proceeds. With sex education to recuperate with the prevailing curriculum of Commission of Higher Education (CHED) and primarily to the Department of Education (DepEd) sector, it will significantly façade to powerful and efficient way to propagandize the awareness of healthy and improve sex health and inflicting the realization of the consequences of overpopulation or the exponential growth. (Country: Philippines)

  • Small Talks Along The Way

    I believe that as children grow and age they naturally come to points in their life when they are more interested in understanding how things work and what sex is. I think it is best to give children age appropriate information at these times, when they ask for it or indicate they have an interest.

  • Yes we should.

    I think that kids should be taught about sex as soon as they start asking. I also think that schools should teach sexual education fairly early. I think their should be a class starting in the 5th grade. It doesn't have to explain everything, but it should teach the basics.

  • Reading, Writing, and Math Should Come First

    Look, we need to teach our young children the basics about reading, writing, and math. Why confuse them with topics such as sex and 'what to expect later in life'? If the parents feel as though their young child should know about this topic, they should teach it themselves in a home enviroment. Sex Ed should be introduced in middle-school; we have to supply young students with the essentials - reading, writing, and math - first.

  • Let kids be kids

    I agree with the above comments kids need to learn about maths and reading and writing etc we are already doing it at the right age age! Why teach them about something they will naturally come across when they hit puberty. That's when you start to become attracted to the opposite sex. That's how our bodies work!

  • We should not do that.

    We are already teaching kids sex education at the age that they should be learning it, which is in high school. Anything before that time should just be dealt with the kids parents, if they choose to teach them about sex earlier. Kids should just be focused on learning and sex will just deal with itself normally, at a later age.

  • Let kids be innocent.

    Kids are kids. They don't need to know anything about sex until they are pre-teenagers. You are a lot more likely to be abstinent if you haven't been told about sex. Teaching children about sex is to rob them of their innocence. Adults and teenagers have loads of worries. We might as well eliminate the pressure of sex by waiting to start sex education until middle school.

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