Should we teach our children about God, be it the Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Buddhist, or Hindu God(s)?

Asked by: Jakeross6
  • Teach them what is good!

    When children are brought up with religious values, they don't easily stray from them. Even when they become adults and stop actively practicing the religion they were raised in, deep down in their heart they know they should be practicing the things they taught in their religion and the values they learned from childhood still influences their decision making.

  • We shouldn't teach our children to be close minded in regards to religion and atheism

    We should teach children the broadest of ways so they can choose their path without heavily influencing them too much in one manner. They may choose the path of a religion or choose the path of an atheist. We should respect that as parents. Teaching them that religion is wrong is being just a narrow minded as a religious fundamentalist. Teaching them that their religion is the only way is also wrong.

    Let children be open minded and teach them that way. Learn about all the religions and learn about the ideals of the atheist. They must decide for themselves what they want, and possibly become very tolerant minded as a result whatever choice that may be.

  • Yes, the more religions the better.

    All religions use the same standard of evidence and contradict each other which is easier to see when compared with each other. Sheltered atheist children who are simply told, "religion is bad stay away from it," will only be curious and be ignorant of the many logical fallacies and tricks religions use to proselytize. When they reach their inevitable teen rebellion religion will be the first obvious choice to act out.

    I think the key is to instill skeptical/critical thinking give them all the available information and allow them to make their own decisions. Atheism is the clear choice but only they can decide for themselves.

    I'm Channeling Dale Mcgowan's views here: http://www.Amazon.Com/Raising-Freethinkers-Practical-Parenting-ebook/dp/B0026XHFZC/ref=sr_1_1?Ie=UTF8&qid=1382110666&sr=8-1&keywords=Dale+McGowan

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  • But you must remember

    Persons cannot teach that which they themselves don't know.. So if you do not know g-d don't try to teach about the topic to your children,, all you will do is making them turn away from g-d...Is it not true that atheists don't believe in g-d because of what others have done and said falsely about g-d.. A risk of teaching about what you dont know is that you teach the wrong thing!

  • Children need guidance

    Now, if you are religious, this guidance you would provide them would not be capable of being without religious ideas. If you look back, it would appear as though there is generally better people back only a few generations when children were better taught the views of their parents, and did obey them. In this current self centered society, without some guidance from parents (and possibly religion) it is unlikely that there will be a general improvement in society as a whole.

  • Definstely we shouldnt hide our kids from jesus

    Weather your atheist christian love jesus or hate jesus every child should learn about Jesus but it should be there choice if they want to accept him or deny him just like if they had a different father he or she should be able to know who there real father is weather they like him or not but if you deny Jesus and the life that he gives don't force your child to neglect him same goes if you love Jesus and your child grows up and neglects him that's your child's choice.

  • Religion is a Beautiful Thing.

    We need religion; without religion people would have nothing to fall back on or trust when there is nobody else to trust. Whatever God you believe in is YOUR savior and if you want to love him than there should be no law to hide your affections for your god.

  • Don't judge without knowledge

    I do believe you should know about religions because you can't just be any atheist and have no knowledge of religion and judge if you don't even know about it. It should be your child's choice whether they want to believe religion or not. I don't think it is fair to force things upon you kid like making him or her do sports if they don't want to

  • Religion is the center of a person's values.

    Parents have certain expectations of how their children behave. These expectations are often shaped by religious views. In order to raise a well rounded person, you must teach them about your religious beliefs. They do not have to ultimately accept your faith, but it is a vital part of growing up.

  • They should be taught about it if so desired, but allowed a freedom of choice

    If you do teach your children of religious values and raise them in the ways of your moral code, then be my guest. However they deserve to choose what they believe and if they feel it's wrong, they have all rights to not believe it. They are entitled to their beliefs as much as the parents.

  • No. We should never pass on the idea of religion again.

    In my childhood, I was taught the most closed minded version of Christianity, Calvanism. Part of the Reformed Southern Baptist theology, it believed that God had already chosen who he was going to take to heaven or send to the pits of hell. I was taught so many things on the base of this and wish I had never heard the Christian religion. Looking out at the world today, I see many barbaric religions being taught as truth to our future generations.

    Around the world, we see Christianity always trying to trample the rights of homosexuals and people who believe opposite to them.

    Islam is in a Dark Age where science and reason are seen as Western and Heretical. They trample on everyone's rights with Sharia Law and attack any who do not believe the same as them. They make the Catholic Church of the Middle ages look secular and peaceful!

    So why should we teach any religion to our children? We need to let them grow up. Let them choose. Church, Mosque, Temple, or Humanist center. Why force our beliefs onto our children who go out and teach these things to others? How is that freedom of choice? Or allowing them to become an individual who can consider himself free in thinking, choice, and belief?


    This video sort of shows how teaching even the more peaceful religion of Christianity sounds. Why should we teach anything like this to our children?



    All religion was this way at one point in time and all religion has the potential to do it again.

    We don't need religion for morals. Humanity has developed them on our own, and as religion grows weaker in the West, it seems we grow stronger as a species. We have grown to understand our world and continue to learn more. But why should we teach these ancient ideas to our children when it just breeds more violence? Very very few religions do not have blood on their hands.

    And why are we so arrogant to think that any god would care about us? We are but a speck Universe.

    As science advances, god retreats to further and further corners of the universe. Always just beyond our reach. Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=pzKZb3qHyXk&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL1DA0C8985FAE1C22

    I will not teach my children of god, but I will teach them of good and evil, of empathy and pity, of everything I have learned throughout my life. I will teach them that because we have but one life, we should value all others. I will teach them not about god or even the disbelief in a god, but the morals they need to know to be productive, good people who raise good families and teach their children to value life just as I have taught them. Maybe by understanding life and it's great wonders, the beginning and the absolute end of it, they will attempt to do something great.

    And what they come to believe about god, they can believe. I will not stop it.

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