Should we teach people to stop rape rather than to avoid rape?

Asked by: hemmons08
  • Victims don't cause rape; rapists do.

    ... There's not much more to say.

    Rapists rape. If they don't rape then there's no problem.
    Victims get raped... There's not much they can do.

    There's mounds of evidence to support the claim that it doesn't matter whether the victim is wearing skimpy clothing or going through dark alleyways or what. People can be raped in their homes, for example. People don't only get raped in dodgy area.

    The emphasis should be on the would-be rapist and make them understand that raping IS wrong because not everyone thinks it is - honest to God, not everyone does. You may think so, but you're wrong. (Once more) some people think rape isn't wrong!

    The would-be victim should also be taught how to defend themselves - but EVERYONE should be taught:
    A) Everyone is equal and no one is superior to anyone else. When someone says 'No' they mean 'No' - no ifs, no buts, NO. People need to be taught that a person's body is their own property, no one else's. Someone must first gain explicit consent before engaging in sexual congress with another person.
    B) Everyone should be taught how to defend themselves, in case they are in a position where they are being threatened. Just in case part (A) doesn't work, people need to be prepared. This doesn't mean everyone should have a gun, but rather that people should learn simple ways to get out of a situation if the need arises.

    Get people to understand that people are equal and that they can't force one's self onto another without their permission would go far in cutting down the number of rapes.

    So, in one sense, it's a bit of both, just... Mostly on educating people in ways that will hopefully reduce the number of rapes - either by teaching that rape is bad (remember not everyone knows this) or by that everyone is equal and that consent is supreme.

  • In absolute shock at other comments...

    Of course we need to focus on making sure people don't rape other people. Granted there are some clothing choices that I don't think are very fashionable - but that doesn't mean they should be taken advantage of for it!
    People should be taught that abusing another person sexually is wrong. It's like a few people have decided it's okay to blame the dead person for being murdered rather than blaming the murderer.

    Mathgeekjoe - One of us might be confused about what the question means... By all means, I admit I could be the one who misinterpreted it. Anyway, I think it means should we teach men (and women, since men can also be raped) not to rape other men or women or should we teach people who could be raped how to avoid being raped. My answer is that we should teach people that rape is bad (and teach people how to avoid it, but I'd prefer to live in a society where the focus isn't on the victim, but the person who instigated the crime.)

    oncefallendotcom - How dare you compare a woman (or a man) to a $100. Women and men are not pieces or property or money. They are human beings. Shame on you. Your example just shows that men and women shouldn't consider their bodies or other peoples bodies a piece of property. Victims of crimes really shouldn't be blamed for being victims, usually.

    No, MasturDbtor, not all rapists know rape is wrong. Some do - some don't know - some don't care. They should. How can we prevent it? By making society not view femininity as a toy that can be ogled and played with.

    We should teach people, not just that rape is wrong, but that objectifying anyone else's body is wrong. That's the source of it - it starts beyond rape. Also, we should just teach people to respect one another, each other's time, property, body, soul and ideas.

  • Is that the same as teaching people how to defend themselves?

    We could always give women tasers and teach them how to use them. We could teach them how to use a gun and give them gun safety training. We could also fund self defense training so they don't need weaponry.

    I am fairly sure all three of those could teach women how to stop a rape.

  • "Avoid Rape" Promotes Rape

    It is all very well to blame rape on human nature, but any aware human should know that the lack of not teaching "do not rape" is accountable for much of this. To teach "avoid rape" more than "do not rape" which is the case now, promotes rape culture. Saying "avoid rape" teaches some to avoid rape, but also teaches some to rape, because it is suggesting that yes, rape is bad, but if it occurs it is out of your control and the responsibilty lies with the victim. It sends a message that normalizes the idea that people, specifically rapists, can separate themselves from the crime because it is inevitable when it truly isn't. Teaching to not rape eliminates this culture amongst rapists and victims, because victims no longer even have to consider taking responsibilty for the crime and creates more safer environments because that initial fear of that created "inevitable lack of self control" is removed.

  • This isn't really an "either/or" debate.

    The problem in trying to debate this topic is the approach is wrong.

    On the "teach people to stop rape" side -- It is the responsibility of ALL citizens to learn right from wrong. Idealistically, we are taught to respect other human beings and their boundaries, and we have a formal system of laws and regulations in place to help us understand what behaviors society has in place.

    But on the other side, the "teach people to avoid rape" side, we have to recognize that personal responsibility and accountability is a two-way street. Now, that's not to say that if you are raped it is your fault, but a responsible person would understand that some situations are riskier than others.

    I'll use a money example to prove my point. I have a $100 bill. I am free to do with it as I please. However, if I walk in a high-crime area with the $100 strapped to my chest, then if I am robbed it is still the robber's fault for robbing me. However, you must admit that strapping a Benjamin to my chest while walking in an area known for robberies is not a wise decision.

    Here is the one truth society cannot accept -- we CANNOT stop ALL rape. The kind of rape we focus upon the most is extremely rare. Acquaintance or "date rapes" are more common, but are more subject to interpretation. Unfortunately, extremist feminists have pushed for broadening of the definition to the point where even staring at a woman is equal to rape. (Yes it seems silly, but Maine has a "visual sexual aggression law" on the books, Title 17A, Sec. 256). There is even a push to create "rape by fraud" laws!

    The debate on this topic has been bombarded with feminist propaganda that dilutes the entire argument. Rape dialogues must be limited of actual instances of sexual aggression, not regret sex or the woman is mad because her boyfriend embellished his feelings to get "lucky." That is not the same as actual rape.

    Unfortunately, personal responsibility is not the strong suit of feminism.

  • I was basically going to say what the other guys were saying

    We sometimes fail to acknowledge that rapists are criminals. Rapists know they are criminals. The social movement against rape is pointless. It baffles me when I try to understand the logic of people who say things like "maybe we should teach people not to rape". Great idea! Go to a high school, deliver a speech about rape. Say "guys, rape is wrong". I guarantee you, nobody will be like "oh, wow. This is a game changer. Thank you, because I was about to do the rape tonight and now I know it's wrong. Wow. Life changed." Everyone knows it's wrong. So instead of trusting criminals to know right from wrong, let's teach girls how to defend themselves.

  • Who doesn't know rape is wrong, That doesn't need to be taught

    Rapists know rape is wrong. They just don't care. If anything preaching about rape being wrong will just encourage rapists. Having special educational sessions just to teach that rape is wrong would be like if we went out of our way to educate that murder is wrong. Everyone knows. Some people don't care, and that's why we have the law to deal with them.

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