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  • Trials Are Important

    In my understanding we do test products on humans. I think it is important to do test trials of some products, especially pharmaceuticals, before releasing them to the public or putting them out for prescription uses. Testing ensures that fewer people are harmed or have unknown side effects. Testing is necessary to ensure product safety.

  • Yes with consent we should

    If we make people fully aware of everything they are getting involved in then yes we should be able to test on humans. We should not be harming the humans in any way. The test subjects should also be properly compensated for their time. Testing on humans is sometimes the only wayto know things work for sure.

  • If it is safe and people are willing.

    We actually do test some drug therapies in humans now. They are compensated heavily and they test new drugs in clinical trials to see if they are effective, if they are not effective, or if there are side effects. I don't see why this process can't continue. The only good data you get is through trials.

  • We should test products on consenting humans.

    We should test products on humans that consent to studies. This is because it is the human's right to be tested on or not. This also increases the accuracy of the test and study as it is not taken on animals that are different in composition than we are. This would only make results better.

  • Human Testing is Necessary

    In order to create safe and effective products, particularly in the medical field, carefully controlled and safe human testing is necessary and important. Human testing allows us to know the efficacy of a treatment and based on the results we can learn and use that information to create even better and more effective treatments and products.

  • Yes, we should test products on humans.

    Yes, we should test products on humans. It is vital to do a controlled test and find out any hidden side effects, but these tests should not be performed until some measure of safety is guaranteed, be it through animal testing or other ways. Releasing something to the general public without controlled human testing is a very bad idea.

  • No we should not.

    We should not test products on humans because than we can end up killing people over a product and that could not be good. Not to mention we could get people sick, cause them immense pain, it just would not be right, especially for nothing in return. We should test on animals at best.

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