Should we the people come together to sue the president?

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  • YES, We the people should sue Mr. Trump.

    Mr. Trump has over stepped his Authority. He's using being president for his personal likes and dislikes. He's also using tax payers money for personal business travel expenses.
    Let's not forget about Russia and having putin hack the American presidential election. He's not only putting America in harm but the American people as well. Their so meany resins to sue Mr.Trump. It has to be done not only with trump but also Trump's Administration and the Republican Party.
    The Republicans knew and refused to stop him, they are still refusing to stop Mr.Trump, they have the power to impeach mr. Trump and still refusing to do so.

  • Starting war with Mexico

    Why is trump antagonizing our allies? Mexico is a close neighbor and threatening them is a huge mistake. I own properties there and if he gets to the point of really pissing off the world, Mexico's cartel will retaliate against travellers and possibly against trump himself. He acts like a petulant little kid used to getting his way. He's surrounding himself with billionaire bullies, such as himself and it's going to lead to catastrophic repercussions for our country. This is not how government should work. People of the resistance will not stop. Including myself. Never did I think our country would become a target because of one bigoted, sexist, narcissistic misogynistic egomaniac.

  • The president should be sued!!!!

    All he knows how to do is use is "executive power" to pass bills he never goes through the real process that our government has in place. Every time he does not get what he wants Obama threatens, an example would be taking away federal funding to schools and such. Obama is nothing but a big baby who should not be president. If all Americans can come together to fight then "we the people" can take back our country and put things right again. As long as we stay divided it will never get better.

  • If enough support is there.

    If enough support can be garnered up go for it. I think if any individuals or group of people think their rights have been violated they have the right to petition/sue. Any poll done by any research institute, university, etc today has Obamas approval rating under 40%. That means the majority of people are against him and basically saying your presidency is over.. We no longer support you. He also has plenty of time still left in office for that approval rating to sink even more, I would guess it will be low 30's high 20's when he leaves office. The same thing happened to Bush.

  • Yes, the people should come together to sue the president.

    Yes, the people should come together to sue the president. The president has overstepped his authority in several instances and his stance on immigration has gone too far. He has gone too far with health care, with sending troops to Iraq, and with not enforcing immigration laws. a lawsuit might help to bring him back in line with the law.

  • We should sue the president

    We, the people, should sue the president for his treatment of his executive position as a right to force his agenda upon citizens regardless of Congress's or the Supreme Court's actions. Most recently, he stated he would withhold federal highway money until Congress raised taxes. This type of behavior in the real world is an illegal act called extortion. Thus, not only should he be sued, he should be impeached and tried.

  • No, we the people elected him

    The actions various groups are saying warrant the president being sued are exactly the actions he promised to take during his election campaign. I should therefore come as no surprise that he followed through on them, and it would be silly and try to sue because of it. Those who are threatening legal action should accept that the majority of Americans voted for Obama because they agree with him, and stop pulling such stunts.

  • A Lawsuit Against the President Is a Bad Idea

    Although I am not the biggest fan of the current President, I feel suing him is in bad taste. It is better to try to change laws that address what he did that people didn't like, than to sue him personally. Even if people do not like the President, as the leader of the country we still need to support him.

  • If we sue the president, we need to sue congress.

    Every single president throughout American history has been criticized by the same people who elected him into office. He is one person. One person with advisers, and teams of people helping him make decisions. It is so simple to blame one person because he is, ONE PERSON and we need someone to blame for all of our problems. However, clearly he cannot make every single decision and pass every law.
    So now, lets turn our gaze towards Congress.
    A bunch of old, over paid, power hungry, flip flops who follow status-quo and change their opinions based on who's putting money into their pockets, or who's putting the ballet into the ballet box? Do you really think that they care if the government shuts down? When they are still getting paid? Over and over again we see congress men and women change what they say their stances are regarding certain topics. You wanna know why? They make decisions not to help you and me, but to help themselves. They want votes, if they have votes, they have their job, they have that job, they have power, money, and the luxury that comes with it. They believe that they're better than us. How can a group of 435 representatives, and 100 senators not get anything done? They don't care. Filibuster after filibuster, it doesn't matter if they pass the law or when they do because they are still getting paid. They can huff and puff all day and not pass one single law to better our country, and yet they still get paid. They don't know about the sacrifices the American people are making day to day. Where are their sons and daughters when they send ours to war?
    We should not sue Obama, we shouldn't even sue congress. We should look at ourselves and ask how we let it get this far? It is our responsibility to correct these issues should the government fail to do so. So lets march.

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