• They tolerate us!

    The US has the world's largest nuclear arsenal, and we have started more wars then Iran has. The US has actually used atomic weapons to completely decimate 2 large cities, Iran hasn't. It is the definition of hypocrisy to point fingers at one country when we are an even larger culprit. A recent presidential candidate was fond of saying "bomb Iran." Why shouldn't this country have what we have?


    Iran, if not for U.S intervention would be a modern economic power house and world economy due to their rich natural resources. What message are we sending other countries by fearing Iran becoming nuclear capable. North Korea has nuclear capabilities but nothing has been instigated by them. You know why? They want to live, just like the leaders and people in Iran. If they wage war againts Isreal thats their choice and they will pay the ultimate price.

  • Ahmadinejad Is Out in June

    Mahmoud Admadinejad is term limited out of office in June. The next person voted in, if the previous elections in 2009 are any indication, would have to be more tolerant towards an oppressed populace. The ruling council in Iran will have to do more for the people instead of lining their own pockets with proceeds from oil sales. A nuclear Iran isn't horrible--the United States dealt with the USSR, and we can do the same with Iran.

  • Absolutely not

    Iran has said that they will drop their first nuclear bomb onto Tel- Aviv. Iran is also an enemy to the United States whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Admadinejad doesn't actually have very much power and is more of a figurehead. The council of 13 actually holds the real power. Your arguments are so stupid. You actually view the rest of the world on the same level as the US. The west is clearly better and more responsible. Sure we make are mistakes, but do you trust a country like Iran with nuclear capabilities. This isn't a neighborhood bully here, we're talking about nuclear war.

  • Only if you want war

    An Iran with nuclear capabilities will do nothing but destabilize the region, and throw it into more chaos than it is already in. Having been deployed to that region of the world several times, I can say that it is believable that Iran would use nuclear weapons against Israel. These people have been fighting for thousands of years, and they know nothing different. Why would Iran abstain from using nuclear weapons if they had them? Who besides Israel would be their target, Saudi Arabia because they are allied with the US? Maybe Kuwait, I don't know for sure, but if Iran is allowed to before a nuclear state then the world's problems just got a whole lot bigger.

  • It's dangerous, but expected

    Letting any country in the middle east have nuclear weaponry is a dangerous gamble. The middle east is the most war hungry location on earth to date. However, other countries in the middle east already have nuclear weapons so Iran should not be excluded, especially in the opinion of america, seeing as how it's the only country to ever truly launch a atomic/nuclear bomb at a country.

  • No, It Would Lead To Disaster

    No, we should not tolerate a nuclear Iran. It would be extremely foolhardy to allow Iran to ramp up its nuclear capabilities. The Iranian people have a temperament that condones war and they seem to relish it far more than fear it. They are quick to take offense, real or imagined. With the low opinion Iranians have of the United States, it would be very conceivable that they would pursue nuclear weapons and not think twice about using them.

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