• How would you not?

    By not tolerating religion, Would you burn all religious texts? Shut down every church? Stop Buddhists from meditating? Burn the Vatican City? Make a law saying you can't say the word God? Shut down all religious charities? Arrest anyone caught praying? Imprison anyone who still practiced their religion despite these laws? Say that all people aren't created equal? You'd create a nightmare.

  • This largely depends on the way religion exists.

    I am an Atheist, Even verging on a Satanist. I am against religion's involvement in the modern world in politics, Education or morality. Since theistic religion can be decidedly considered a delusional practice, Inflicting that on others in a society where science forms our foundation is wrong. With this answer, I am only referring to religion that does not interfere in any of those things and merely exists for people who want it. Having said that, The distinction between science and religion should be emphasised regardless of religious belief. With that all said, Yes, Religion as an idea should be tolerated.

  • Accepting people's differences

    People should have the right to believe in what they want because we are all the products of our own individual upbringing and experiences so it is completely natural that we will all have difference on opinions on a wide range of issues. The world would be a very dull place if we were all the same and its the incredible diversity amongst people throughout the world that makes it such a fascinating

  • Accepting other peoples differences

    People should have the right to believe in what they want because we are all the products of our own individual upbringing and experiences so it is completely natural that we will all have difference on opinions on a wide range of issues. The world would be a very dull place if we were all the same and its the incredible diversity amongst people throughout the world that makes it such a fascinating

  • Fuck you atheist pricks

    Religion is bless, if you have ever pried or went to church you will realize there is a reason why we are here. He controls our faith and guides us through our life. I am wondering why 68% of you are against tolerating religion. You have to believe in something.

  • Tolerance avoids violence.

    By any given principle, any belief that harms another human being is inherently wrong. This applies to freedom of religion. Tolerating someone's beliefs does not mean subscribing to those beliefs as well; if you are a hardcore atheist and simply cannot stand your Jewish neighbor's beliefs, it is not an acceptance of those beliefs if you choose to ignore their existence entirely.

  • Respect religion? No. Tolerate religion? Yes.

    Respect religion, honor, revere? No! Religion has outlived it's usefulness. We know what causes tides, day and night, thunder and lightning... And we can have great bloody battles without waving a religious flag. There is no room on this earth for intolerance of culture, colour, gender ID or inequality of gender or wealth. Tolerance of religion, however, must exist until free thought and reason can take over. We all should try to do some small thing in that effort.

  • We should tolerate religion.

    We life in a free society where all beliefs are equal. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, and it's important for everyone be life in peace and harmony. We need to tolerate different opinions even if we disagree with them. Otherwise, society would dissolve into discord and violence.

  • Yes, because to do otherwise would be backward

    The "we" in this question could I suppose apply to anybody, but it's implied through the use of the word tolerate that we are the non-religious. As a religious person, let me reword the question:

    Should you tolerate religion?

    Yes you should. The arguments so frequently levelled against religion are better aimed at the whole of humanity when we are at our worst. Cambodia and parts of the history of the USSR have shown us that atheists can be just as bigoted and cruel as anyone else. Add to this the fact that non-religious people make up around 13% of the total world population as of 2012, and the question "Should we tolerate religion" suddenly seems incredibly narrow in its outlook, like a British person asking if we should tolerate non-Europeans. Why should someone whose worldview represents that of only a tenth of the people in the world be allowed to dictate what is and is not tolerated?

  • Religion as a search for truth

    I think that, as long as religion is thought to be the search for truth, rather than truth itself, meaning everything else that contradicts with it is wrong, religion may very well even help scientific progress. But when people think of it as truth itself, which is the case for the majority of people, it is nothing but a retardation for human progress.

  • Define "religion". I think the question is should we give faith based community groups special treatment.

    Unfortunately, most of the world’s population does not mature past high school mentality and while the rest of us "cause and effect" people are "keeping the wheels on the bus" making sure people are fed and clothed the "wish, luck, change, magic" population needs to believe in a higher power. Many "religions" give these people a way for them to forgive themselves when they fail to live up to their own standards. Teaching children how to share and live with others using fables and parables is fine but at some point you need to mature past believing Santa is real and there is life after high school and accept that you can live side by side with others that don’t support your “team”. With so many law makers and world leaders still acting like the only thing that matters is who wins next Fridays football game human kind will never mature past that level. As others have pointed out community groups can be a good thing that promote good works and helping the less fortunate but to say that one group has a privileged status because it is defined as a “religion” over the local women’s rotary group or Shriners club just leads to more “us and them” thinking. I feel sorry for the “true believers” locked in their small realities unable to “see” the world is round and live like animals in the zoo that do not even know they are in cages.

  • Do we tolerate viruses?

    We do not tolerate viruses that can kill people simply because some people may be immune (e.g. West Nile Fever). We should not tolerate the virus of the mind that is religion either. For it (religion) clearly makes many people sick since they can persecute and denigrate women or homosexuals and even commit murder and other unspeakable acts, all in the name of their religion. We need to inoculate the world against the religion virus by rational secular education of all children that is indoctrination free.

  • I don't think so.

    To tolerate something means to put up with something or allow something even though we're against it. We shouldn't tolerate religion; rather, we should embrace it. If we embrace religion, then we wouldn't be tolerating it. You can't tolerate something you agree with. You can only tolerate something you oppose. If you agree with it, then there's nothing to tolerate.

  • We should not tolerate religion

    Religion only stirs hatred and divides people. According to pretty much every religious text, It is okay to murder anyone who does not follow the same religion as you. We can't tolerate the propagation of this in a modern society in the same way we cannot print and distribute leaflets instructing people to kill minority groups. That is basically what the Bible, Torah and Quran are.

  • It's outdated, Pseudo-scientific, Barbaric and obsolete.

    Religion is no more than an old and ignorant belief system and nonsense tradition created by our human predecessors thousands of years before because they lack the proper understanding of how this world works. Add a little bit of fear mongering and you're ready to create the most powerful type of ruling mechanism, "Religion". Of all the entire species that has ever walked on Earth, Humans and only humans have violated, Tortured, Murdered our own kind for every peoples definition of their creator and no other animals are known to exhibit this behavior despite the fact that we, As humans are supposedly more "intelligent" than them. Million years of human social, Cultural and technological evolution has brought us to this type of stupid ideals, Talk about "ego". "Oh no, We're not like those animals, We are special, One of a kind. This universe is made for us by our specific god/s and we will kill those who thinks otherwise! " - this is probably the summary of major religions back then.

  • Religions are continuously fighting each other with 'truth' claims, yet none offer evidence

    The more dogmatic a religious tradition, the less the individuals with the group interact with those outside. In support of their beliefs, religious apologists falsely equivocate assertion of their beliefs with scientific facts, and they demonstrate their ignorance of scientific understanting when they attempt to silence accurate criticisms. I challenge anyone reading this to find one religious apologist anti-science claim, where they actually get the science correct, and don't instead rely upon a (logical) fallacy.

  • Metaphor for understanding my thoughts

    Religions are vehicles for the ignorant that allow them to go through life running people over and keep on going, all the time thinking,' well my vehicle is clearly the best ever made, and if these people really cared for themselves, they would get one just like mine, and if they don't, I'm justified in destroying them cause it says so in my owners manual.'
    Grow up, think for yourself.

  • Religion poisons everything.....

    The easiest way for someone to discover where you stand on the argument is to educate yourself. The best way I found to educate myself was to watch formal religious debates held at forums such as universities. Christopher Hitchens. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins would be a great starting point...Educate yourself...You will see for yourself...

  • Religion poisons everything....

    The easiest way for a believer to at least question their belief, which anyone would agree is healthy, is to educate themselves on the argument. The best way I found to educate myself was to watch formal religious debates. Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins would be a good place to start....You will see for yourself.

  • Of Course NO! But showing outright intolerance may not help us change the world.

    It's all because of this "back fire effect” that makes it very difficult to convince believers into abandoning their religion. I learned that facts don't win arguments nowadays. We need to change our approach when debating especially with intolerant religious people. Understanding and showing more empathy might prove them that we are helping them to open their minds and walk away from their skewed realities they are living in.


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