Should we trust the credits from Ebay and Tedcred?

  • Both are trusted sites

    When it comes to eBay, I think it can be trusted as long as you do a little bit of research on the person or company you are purchasing or selling an item to. I have used eBay for years with zero issues. I have not, however, used Tedcred, but have heard positive feedback.

  • Ebay is trustworthy

    There are far (far) less trustworthy money and credit companies than these, and there is no reason that people should not trust these companies. Ebay has successfully dealt with payments since the beginning of the internet's widespread adoption, and their name on a product almost certainly doesn't come lightly to someone.

  • We should trust the credits from Ebay and Tedcred.

    We should trust the credits from Ebay and Tedcred. These companies have been around for many years and they have proven to be trustworthy so far. I always seem to trust a company that has a good track record until proven otherwise. Ebay President is very trustworthy and dependable and puts a lot of effort into his company.

  • Yes, they are reputable companies.

    Yes, we should trust the credits from Ebay and Tedcred, because they are very famous companies with strong reputations. Ebay has been in business for years. The founder of Ebay takes his work very seriously. With a company like Ebay, if the public has no faith in the company, they will not use it. Therefore, companies take their reputations seriously. For that reason, their credits are trustworthy.

  • Yes we should trust Ebay and Tedcred.

    I believe that we should trust the credits that are from Ebay and Tedcred. The reason that I have come upon this stance is that I believe both of these companies are reliable enough and have a long enough track record for me to take their word at its face value.

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