• Yes we should

    They have stopped thousands of plots from like alquida and isis. IF there was to be another 9/11 what would happen to the United States. We would all die. Even the people that say no so we should trust the NSA because they are the only means of protection we have.

  • Who's spying on the spies?

    Really? Anybody think we should trust our government to spy on us legitimately? We are not talking about spying for terrorism. Let's get that point straight. This is about non-terrorist spying. Blanket warrants are used today to spy on Americans in the name of child porn. This is a non-terrorist related form of spying. Sure it's a good excuse to spy, but how do we know that's the only thing they are spying on? Do we really expect oversight to report abuse? Does a chief of police cover for his officers? The silent oaths go up the food chain. We know this, and yet we think a whistle blower like Snowden is doing something wrong? Really.

  • Trust should be given to no government

    If the people put trust in any government then they inadvertently surrender their freedom by giving this government a free and unwatched hand to do with as it pleases. The only way to prevent the overstep of government onto the rights of the individual is to view each government action with scepticism and, when this action is unjust, stop it.

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